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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4806 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4806 Start

Phaedra said, “More than 5,000 grams are the latest high-end goods,”

“Which are very popular with high-end customers. As long as she can get them through.”

“We can definitely make a lot of money.”

The man asked again: “How much can you share with us?”

Phaedra thought about it and said, “As long as I succeed in getting Elaine to take the goods,”

“Whether it is successful or not, there will be 5,000.”

“The hard work of US dollars, if she successfully takes the goods,”

“There will be about 20,000 to 30,000 US dollars.”

“Very good!” The man said with a smile: “After this is done, let’s go to Las Vegas.”

“Just relax and have some fun, dmn, I have been thinking this lately,”

“The hard-earned money was basically spit to the casino this year,”

“And in the second half of the year, I have to let the casino spit it back to me!”

Phaedra said: “You can go to Las Vegas, but don’t just focus on gambling when you get there.”

“Generally, there are too many bad gamblers in that kind of place.”

“You have to find a way to fool a few people to go to Mexico.”

Phaedra sighed: “I heard that Sister Myren’s side is doing very well.”

“There will soon be a successful match going to Mexico for surgery,”

“And an old man will return to China in two days. She will make a lot of money this month.”

The man asked curiously: “How much will she make?”

Phaedra said: “It’s not bad, it depends on whether you can match it or not.”

“If you have a suitable customer, it is possible to have tens of millions of dollars,”

“And maybe even more. I estimate that Sister Mei can earn at least 100,000 for this order!”

“Fcuk!” The man’s eyes got a little red, and he blurted out:

“Dmn, you can earn 100,000 US dollars by cheating one person?!”

“With this business, who the fcuk would go to the airport to deliver mules every day!”

“The airports all over the United States are changing, and I’m tired of running!”

Phaedra said seriously: “When we go to Las Vegas next time,”

“Let’s explore the resources in this area and see if we can get one or two orders!”

The man sighed: “I want to go to Las Vegas.”

“We have to wait for that Elaine to successfully arrive in Hong Kong…”

Phaedra said lightly: “Whether it is successful or not, we will know tomorrow night at the latest.”

After speaking, she took out her mobile phone and made a call.

The phone was quickly connected, and Phaedra asked, “Has Elaine checked her luggage?”

The woman on the other end of the phone, who was pretending to be a passenger,

Was resting next to the check-in counter of the airline where Elaine took the flight.

She seemed to be playing with her mobile phone,

But she was actually watching the check-in counter, waiting for Elaine to appear.

Just half a minute ago, she saw Elaine dragging two suitcases, so she kept following her movements.

For their group, there are two hurdles to pass through to deceive an amateur to help them carry contraband,

One is the border inspection at the departure point, and the other is the border inspection at the destination.

And she stayed here to watch, just to ensure that Elaine arranged the consignment of their goods with her own eyes.

After all, they are also worried about encountering a situation.

They have had this kind of thing before. Seeing that the other party handed over the suitcase,

The mule was greedy and left the airport with the suitcase.

The interface person at the destination waited for the plane to arrive and no one was there.

And finally turned around to check, only to know that it was hacked.

Therefore, since then, Phaedra and others have changed their ways.

They have tried their best to portray themselves as the top rich,

Promising mules various benefits, in order to try to dispel the other party’s idea of running away with the goods.

As long as she watched Elaine hand over the luggage to the teller for check-in,

It was impossible for Elaine to take the luggage back.

The rest was to pray that the border inspector would not find the contraband…

That they had carefully hidden when checking the luggage.

At this time, Elaine had already arrived at the VIP counter of the first class cabin.

She handed over her passport. After the check-in service staff retrieved the ticket information,

He immediately asked respectfully, “Ms. Ma, I have a question.”

“How many pieces of luggage need to be checked in?”

Elaine pointed to the two large boxes, and said lightly, “Both of them must be checked in.”