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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4804 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4804 Start

At this time, Phaedra was pretending to be packing her luggage and handbag.

When the phone rang, when she saw the two words of Secretary Qin displayed in the address book,

She deliberately pretended not to read it, so she opened it directly.

After getting hands-free, she put the phone aside and said,

“Secretary Qin, I’ll be boarding the plane soon.”

“If you have anything to do, just wait until I’m on board.”

The other party’s voice said very hastily, “Miss, the old lady has an accident!”

Phaedra suddenly became nervous and quickly asked:

“What’s the situation? What happened to mom?”

The other party hurriedly said: “The old lady was riding with the young master today,”

“I don’t know what happened. The horse was startled and kicked the old lady.”

“She passed out and she is just sent to the hospital.”

“The doctor said that the situation is a little serious.”

Phaedra said anxiously: “What’s going on? ……How can mom get kicked by a horse?”

“What are the housekeepers for? What does the manager of the horse farm do?”

“Immediately ask the manager of the horse farm to pack his things and get out!”

“Take that horse out and slaughter it! It can kick mom today, and it might throw my son off tomorrow!”

The other party said hesitantly: “Miss… that horse, Master spent more than eight million dollars from Turkmenistan.”

“It is like buying a BMW with sweat and blood. Wouldn’t it be too hasty to kill like this…”

Phaedra said coldly, “If I ask you to kill it, kill it, you can’t tame it.”

“No matter how good the horse is, I don’t want it! This is the price of its mistakes!”

Elaine on the side was dumbfounded, and couldn’t help but muttered in her heart:

“The sweaty BMW bought for more than eight million dollars is going to be slaughtered because of kicking.”

“It just kicked the old lady and it is rounded up just for that!”

“As expected, I still don’t understand the world of the rich…”

At this time, the secretary on the other end of the phone could only say helplessly:

“Okay eldest lady, then I’ll arrange someone to do it later,”

“But the situation on the old lady’s side is not optimistic, do you want to come and have a look?”

Phaedra said helplessly: “That’s definitely going to be a visit.. ….”

“I’ve already passed the security check if you were half an hour late, there’s really no way…”

After speaking, she quickly said: “I’ll come back now, see you at the hospital!”

The other party immediately said respectfully: “Okay, Miss, see you at the hospital!”

After hanging up, Phaedra said to Elaine with great annoyance:

“Elaine, I’m so sorry. mom was kicked by a horse.”

“I have to go to the hospital to see her. I’m sure I won’t be able to leave today.”

Elaine couldn’t help but feel a little regretful. With this long-distance flight,

She got closer to the female local tycoon in front of her.

But she didn’t expect that she could not leave because of the sudden incident.

Elaine’s mind suddenly turned, and she said quickly: “Oh, Phaedra,”

“If the old lady is injured so badly, you must have a look.”

“Otherwise, I won’t leave today, I’ll go to the hospital with you.”

“Have a look at the old lady, when the old lady is all right, let’s go back to China together!”

In fact, Elaine didn’t really care about the old lady who had never met.

Not to mention Phaedra’s mother, even her own mother, she didn’t bother to ask,

And seldom returned to her parent’s home for so many years.

The reason why Elaine said this was mainly because she doesn’t want to waste her next trip to Hong Kong.

After all, she was still waiting to spend a few days at Phaedra’s mansion there.

If Phaedra doesn’t leave today, wouldn’t her plan be in vain?

Phaedra didn’t expect that Elaine would ask to go to the hospital with her instead of leaving.

But where did she go to the hospital, she just wanted to quickly find a suitable excuse to lure her to take the bait,

While quickly smearing oil on the soles of her feet and slipping away.

So, she said to Elaine very seriously: “Elaine, in my suitcase, there are many things that Sister Chen brought for her parents,”

“Some tonics, and some special effect medicine that cannot be bought in China.”

“I also promised Sister Chen to help her take them to Hong Kong today.”

“It just so happened that her younger brother is working in Hong Kong.”

“He was going to go back to the Mainland the day before yesterday,”

“But he stayed back for two days for these things.”

“If I can’t deliver things to them today, I will delay their business…”