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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4803 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4803 Start

Before Phaedra came, she also heard from Myren about Elaine’s situation.

Knowing that she lived in a Tomson first-class and drives a Rolls-Royce in Aurous Hill, she was not too surprised.

She smiled and said to Elaine: “Don’t you think that a car like Cullinan is a little too big for us women?”

“I rarely drive when I go out, and I always let the driver drive the nanny car.”

“Sitting in the middle row is much more comfortable and worry-free than driving by yourself.”

Elaine said enviously: “We don’t have a full-time driver or a nanny car in our family,”

“Otherwise I would also experience the feeling of a female boss.”

Phaedra said with a smile, “Isn’t that simple? If you don’t have a nanny car,”

“I’ll send you one after a while. You know, Lexus LM300.”

“I ordered three from a parallel import car dealer some time ago.”

“I wanted to keep one for my parents, but now they plan to settle in the United States and are not coming back,”

“And there is nowhere to deal with the car when it arrives next month, so I’ll just give it to you.”

Elaine was overjoyed and blurted out: “LM300…is it?!”

“Yes.” Phaedra nodded and said with a smile: “It is said on the Internet that this is an unjust kind of car,”

“But I think it’s okay, anyway, the extra money is just to buy a platoon,”

“And the extra 1.8 million is not too much. To be honest, if it doesn’t increase the price,”

“There are people with money who won’t buy it.”

“How can they get noodles if they don’t increase the price?”

“If they can increase the price by 3 million, it is the best.”

“In that case, as long as you drive to the street, others will know that this is the luxury of 5 million.”

Elaine admired her heart, and thought to herself,

“I think this is the way of life of the rich.”

“They don’t look for cost-effectiveness, sometimes, it is the worth of the item they consider…”

Immediately, she couldn’t help but secretly said: “This Phaedra is too generous, right?”

“As soon as she opens her mouth, she will give out a Raelfa.”

“The car is priced at 3 million yuan. At that time, should I keep it for myself, or sell it quietly?”

At this time, Phaedra said casually: “Parallel import cars always go to the port for customs declaration and then come in.”

“At that time, I will directly ask the car dealer to declare the customs and send it to Aurous Hill,”

“And you can get the car in your city without any hassle.”

Elaine said quickly: “Oh…I…how can I accept such an expensive gift from you…”

Phaedra said with a smile: “The car It’s all booked, and when it arrives, it will be idle.”

“You don’t have to be polite to me. If I don’t drive the car, it will be a complete waste.”

“If I want it to be not troublesome enough, it’s best to give it to you.”

Elaine was extremely excited, and quickly said with a smile: “Oh, thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome.” Phaedra smiled slightly. Looking at the time, she deliberately said:

“Oh, we are almost going to check in. There is also a first-class lounge inside.”

“It’s the same as going to the lounge after check-in.”

Elaine said quickly and without thinking: “Okay, Then let’s go to check-in now.”

After speaking, she stood up, picked up her suitcases and handbags,

And prepared to leave the lounge with Phaedra.

At this time, Phaedra was already a little nervous in her heart.

Because she is about to implement the plan she has carefully prepared for a long time.

So, while slowly packing her things, she quietly tapped three times on a black plastic box in her pocket.

This plastic box is actually a one-way communication device with a built-in carrier SIM card.

From the moment she entered the door, her accomplice have been in the car in the parking lot,

Listening to the progress inside with her mobile phone.

And she tapped three times, which was the signal to close the net.

When her accomplice received the agreed three taps, they immediately called Phaedra’s cell phone.