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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4799 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4799 Start

“Give up the rejuvenation pill?”

Hearing Charlie’s words, Douglas’s expression was startled at first,

And then he asked in a little panic: “Mr. Wade…you…why did you bring this up?…”

Charlie looked at him and said very indifferently:

“If the auction continues next year, Mr. Fei do you think with your economic strength,”

“Can you successfully auction the final rejuvenation pill?”

“This …” Douglas couldn’t help recalling the auction scene at that time,

His limit was only 200 billion US dollars, but Marshal An’s asking price was almost double his own.

“If Rejuvenation Pill is still at this price next year, I can’t afford it anyway,”

“Not to mention that I can’t sacrifice the interests of the entire Fei family for my own selfish interests.”

“This matter has already given me a very, very painful experience last time.”

“The lessons learned, so, in the sense of reason, I can’t make the same mistake a second time.

This also means that he basically loses the qualification to compete for the rejuvenation pill.

However, for him, even if he couldn’t compete for a whole rejuvenation pill,

He could at least compete for the fourth or half.

If he succeeded in winning one of them, he would at least be able to live an extra three to five years.

Even if Charlie has promised to keep him alive for another ten years,

There will never be too many things like raising his hand.

If he really let him give up the competition for the rejuvenation pill.

That would be equivalent to cutting off an important way to increase life expectancy.

Just when he was hesitating, Charlie said coldly: “Mr. Fei you need to understand one thing,”

“Whether the Rejuvenation Pill auction will be held normally in the future depends on my personal preference,”

“And someday I might decide that I don’t want to do this again,”

“People all over the world have nowhere to buy the rejuvenating pills,”

“And at that time, you will find that only my promise is truly valuable.”

Charlie’s words made Douglas realize in an instant.

At the same time, he also understood that Charlie came to find his true purpose this time.

Charlie promised to keep him alive for another ten years, that is,

To let him fully assist Stella, and at the same time give up the entire Fei family to bid for Rejuvenation Pill.

As for the Rejuvenation Pill auction, it is entirely up to Charlie to open it or not.

Let’s not say whether there are many Rejuvenation Pill auctions, and the more the auctions are,

The fewer the auctions. Just speaking of Charlie’s current financial resources,

It may not take long for him to look down on the income from the auction of the Rejuvenation Pill.

Whether it is sold or not sold, he has no control over it.

If Charlie really cuts off this road, wouldn’t he have no chance?

Thinking about it, Charlie’s condition to keep him alive for another ten years is indeed the best choice.

As long as he cooperates well, this matter will be absolutely safe, and there will be no variables.

Thinking of this, Douglas bent his knees, knelt on the ground, and said gratefully,

“Mr. Wade is so kind, I will never forget it!”

Charlie nodded slightly and took out the half pill, prepared in advance from his pocket.

Taking the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill, he said, “Mr. Fei, I see how weak your body is.”

“You should take this half Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill first.”

“After you take it, you will live for the next two or three years. It’s very easy.”

Douglas was immediately pleasantly surprised.”

“Although Charlie’s previous half Blood Dispersing Heart Saving pill saved his life,

Because he was too weak at the time, the medicinal power did not make his body feel easy.

It can be said that the whole person still has a feeling of dying.