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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4796 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4796 Start

Charlie didn’t think much about it, and replied casually,

“Shi Xun Dao is a luxury residential area in Hong Kong.”

“The most expensive houses in Hong Kong are basically there,”

“And they are also the richest people in Hong Kong.”

“Mom! When Elaine heard this, she immediately exclaimed: “This place is so powerful!”

While speaking, she admired Phaedra’s strength a little more.

She didn’t realize that the liar had used special words and methods before meeting her.

In her heart, an indestructible rich person’s image has been established.

Now she is so excited, that she begins to plan her itinerary for the next period of time,

First having a good time in New York for two days,

And then flying to Hong Kong, and then going to the most expensive and rich area there, and enjoying a few days.

At that time, she must post more Moments,

And let the people in Moments take a good look at her unrestrained lifestyle.

This time Charlie chose the Wade family’s Shangri-La Hotel in New York.

Issac instructed the hotel in advance to reserve a presidential suite for Charlie.

After checking in, Charlie took Claire and Elaine to have dinner at the hotel,

And then took Elaine to visit the night scene of New York with Claire.

While Claire was helping Elaine take a photo with the Statue of Liberty,

Charlie walked aside and called Stella.

When the call was connected, Stella said respectfully at the other end, “Good evening, Mr. Wade.”

Charlie said directly, “Miss Fei, I’m calling to let you know that I’ve already arrived in New York.”

“If there is no accident, I will visit your house tomorrow night,”

“You can inform Mr. Fei and let him wait at home.”

Stella said excitedly: “That’s great! After I shared the news with grandfather he has been very excited about your coming to New York,”

“And he was just asking me when you will arrive in New York.”

After speaking, she hurriedly asked: “Mr. Wade, when will you come tomorrow night?

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Tomorrow night around eight o’clock.”

Stella said excitedly: “Okay, tomorrow night, I will have someone prepare the banquet in advance!”

“Don’t bother.” Charlie said: ” I came with my wife and mother-in-law this time,”

“And I will come there after eating with them tomorrow night,”

“I won’t be there for too long, so you don’t need to prepare anything.”

Stella said with some regret: “You came so far away, and you are not eating here.”

“I am really sad to have dinner at home…”

“It’s fine.” Charlie said calmly, “I’m coming to New York this time to send my mother-in-law back.”

“She’s leaving on the flight the day after tomorrow,”

“So I thought of meeting the Old man, just don’t worry too much about the formalities.”

As soon as Stella heard that Charlie’s mother-in-law was on the flight the day after tomorrow,

She knew that it must be an ordinary airline, so she hurriedly said:

“Mr. Wade, the Fei family has several business jets and private jets at the New York airport.”

“I will arrange a special plane to take your mother-in-law back.”

Charlie said without hesitation: “You don’t have to. When she came here, a special plane was already arranged for her,”

“So there is no need for it while she is going back.”

“My mother-in-law does not understand her routines.”

“She still has to be a little bit more down-to-earth, otherwise she will float too much,”

“And with her character, if she floats too high, I don’t know what she will fall into in the future.”

Stella couldn’t help but whispered a laugh when she heard this.

In fact, when she was in China, she investigated Charlie and Charlie’s wife’s family.

Although she had no contact with Elaine, she had already learned a lot about her wonderful deeds.

So, she didn’t insist any longer, smiled, and said,

“Mr. Wade, I will be waiting for your visit at home tomorrow!”

The next day, Charlie and Claire accompanied Elaine to move around New York for a day.