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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4794 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4794 Start

Elaine continued: “I didn’t expect her to have a value of billions of dollars and still act so low-key.”

While sighing, she suddenly remembered something and thought to herself,

“She is already so rich, why doesn’t she take a private jet?”

Thinking of this, she was ready to ask a question.

It’s not because she has doubts about Phaedra’s identity,

But because she feels that if the other party really has a private jet,

Or can afford a private jet, wouldn’t she be able to rub off for a while?

Just when she was about to ask, the other party sent another message,

Elaine hurriedly clicked to check, and the other party said in his voice:

“Oh, since you are Sister Chen’s friend, you should stay at my house with me.”

“This will save you the trouble. Anyway, for me, it is the same to pull one private jet or two,”

“But this time period is really unfortunate because my plane has reached the regular maintenance level.”

“The flight time has already been flown to Georgia for maintenance,”

“And Gulfstream has a backlog of planes recently, so they won’t be able to come back in a while.”

Elaine was slightly disappointed when she heard this,

But also felt that others, sure enough, they are strong and have their own private jets.

This is something that ordinary people can not have.

Thinking of the other party’s mention of Gulfstream, she smiled and said,

“Oh, your family’s private jet is also a Gulfstream?”

“When I came to the United States this time, I booked a Gulfstream G650 too.”

“The plane is really good and flies fast. It’s stable, and the environment inside is also first-class!”

The other party laughed: “It can’t be said to be first-class, in a private jet, it’s average.”

After speaking, the other party said: “I’m sorry, Elaine, I have to deal with something at this moment,”

“The person in charge of the Citibank New York branch is visiting me at my home,”

“I have to entertain them, and we will talk when you arrive in New York!”

Elaine admired her, even more, when she heard it.

Citibank Elaine still knows, which itself is a multinational bank headquartered in New York.

More importantly, she once suffered a big loss in Citibank.

When she heard Citibank, she felt cold in her back and sore in her right leg.

So, she quickly said, “It’s alright, you’ll be busy first,”

“And I’ll contact you when I get to New York!”

After saying this, the other party gave Elaine a handshake expression, and then she didn’t send any more messages.

Elaine didn’t say anything, but quickly clicked on the other party’s Moments and scrolled down a little bit.

It doesn’t matter if you look at it,

For Elaine, it’s like a knife pulling her b u t t and opening his eyes!

This woman’s circle of friends is almost full of all kinds of tours, eating, drinking, and having fun.

Some were shot on private jets, some were shot on luxury yachts,

And it seems like she always likes to ride horses, play golf, and run around the world.

She even went to the North and South Poles on a scientific research ship!

Elaine looked at the colorful life of the other party, and sighed inwardly:

“Damn, it’s the same life, how can people live so unrestrainedly,”

“But I have to spend most of my fcuking life with that ba5tard worthless man,”

“The most beautiful time of my life has already gone…”

When she sighed, Elaine didn’t realize that she had fallen deeper and deeper into this scam.

Moreover, she didn’t notice that although there are many pictures of this woman’s circle of friends,

There are not many who really show her face.

Moreover, many of the pictures of scenic spots around the world that she posted are actually found on the Internet.

As long as Elaine takes a little thought, downloads all these landscape pictures to her mobile phone,

And then uses a picture search engine to search, and she can find the real origin of these pictures.

It’s a pity that although she is not a good person, her understanding of the world is relatively simple,

And her understanding of mobile phones, the Internet, and social software is too superficial,

And she does not have basic dialectical skills.

And the more such a person is like this, the easier it is to be targeted by people with bad intentions!