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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4792 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4792 Start

There are too many ways, and they couldn’t find a suitable job, so Myren has a plan for such people.

Once she encounters this kind of person who wants to find a job to support the family,

She will use the high-paying crew as bait to coax them to Mexico,

Where they will murder the target and then resell the organs.

Moreover, she specially designed a serial plan.

She first told the other party that she had this channel to help introduce them.

After attracting the other party with a high salary,

She also pretended to ask a friend to do a free medical examination for the other party.

She also made up a pretext and say a medical report must be presented on board.

The other party will naturally not doubt it, plus the free medical examination is not done for nothing,

So she directly does a comprehensive medical examination in the United States.

During the physical examination, these devils have already started to look for matching patients

who need organs. Once the matching is successful,

They will start negotiating the price. After the price is negotiated, they will immediately coax the target to Mexico.

The reason why Mexico is chosen is that the law and order is chaotic,

There are many gangs, and there are many areas that the police can’t reach.

Whether it is murder, surgery, or dealing with corpses, it is much easier than the United States and Canada.

Moreover, after a person disappears from Mexico,

Family members generally do not notice anything unusual,

Because they will let the other party tell the family that they are about to board the ship,

And they will not be able to contact them for the next few months.

After a year and a half, or even longer, when the family members could not wait for news and realized that something is wrong,

It is no longer possible to find this person.

In this way, enough time can be left for Myren and others.

And a person like Myren, as long as it’s money, no matter how dark or dirty she gets, she doesn’t care.

In addition to this kind of thing, she also specially selects compatriots who come to visit relatives in the United States,

And used a serial scheme to induce them to become mules for transporting prohibited items.

If they are caught in the United States, they will basically be imprisoned for life.

If they are caught in China, they will basically die.

If they succeeded by luck, the other party would have nothing in return at all,

And they would not even know that they had walked before the gate of hell.

And when Myren achieves her desired goal in one place,

She will start over in another place and with a different identity.

Therefore, those who have helped her bring goods but are kept in the dark,

And want to continue to maintain friendship with Myren,

They will suddenly find that this person has suddenly disappeard from the world,

After a certain day, and can no longer find any news related to her.

Using this kind of deception, Myren has obtained huge returns for herself,

And at the same time send many innocent people to prison, and even send them to the gallows.

But she doesn’t care about the fate and life and death of these people at all.

For her, money is the only thing worth paying attention to. Everything else can make way for money.

The reason why Myren likes to coax these amateurs to help is not only that these amateurs only spend their feelings,

Not money, but more importantly, because these amateurs don’t know anything,

Their whole person’s state will be extremely natural, so they are in when facing the customs officers and security personnel,

They will not show the slightest tension and unnaturalness at all.

Even a person who has undergone professional training cannot achieve,

The natural state is when an amateur is completely in the dark.

Therefore, such an amateur will have a much higher success rate in customs clearance.

Moreover, by creating a successful person, a close eldest sister, and a helpful person,

Myren can easily make the target person like Elaine become friends with her.

She always feels that such a successful woman can become friends with her in the future.

Surely there are only advantages and no disadvantages.

As everyone knows, it is this kind of mentality that makes Myren’s success rate in pulling people into the water surprisingly high.

Anyone who can get to know Myren well will basically fall into the trap she carefully prepared.

And right now, Myren’s number one prey is Elaine!