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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4789 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4789 Start

One cannot be without money at any time, otherwise,

Even if you live in a Tomson first-class product and drive a Rolls Royce,

You should not be able to eat.

Therefore, she now desperately hopes to accumulate some capital for herself so that she can be more confident in the future.

However, she definitely wouldn’t say that in front of her daughter,

So she said casually, “I’m just curious to ask, don’t worry,”

“I won’t go to stocks, that kind of thing is just cutting leeks.”

Claire nodded and said with relief:

“You know, don’t make a dream of getting rich overnight!”

Sending away the Elaine family.

The originally warm family of four suddenly became a little silent.

Myren’s expression was a little grim, while the other three had a feeling,

That the performance was finally over and that they could finally rest and relax.

Myren pulled her face back to the room, sat down on the sofa, and raised her eyes to see Jason and Jimmy,

Raised her hand and smashed a glass at the feet of the two of them,

So scared that they both fell back in the same place jumping out of the way.

Immediately afterward, Myren scolded: “You two ba5tards, you fcuking know how to drink!”

“No matter what the fcuk, as long as you see wine,”

“It’s the same as seeing your father, and if you smell it,”

“You will be taken away. Both souls have been hooked!”

“Don’t you two know what’s the matter?!”

“If you can’t get the fcuk to fix this stinky problem,”

“Just give it to me and go where you came from!”

She then pointed at the three Helma, who was about ten years old, scolded coldly:

“And you! Just fcuking know how to play with your phone with your head down,”

“What’s the fun in a fcuking broken phone? Can you fcuking pay for playing with your phone!”

The three of them were scolded by surprise, and the young Jimmy explained nervously:

“Aunt Mei, don’t we think that you and the woman named Elaine are already talking about the same thing…”

“Going out in person, the three of us have no use for anything other than a foil,”

“It’s better to talk less than to talk more safely…”

“Fcuk you!” Myren said coldly: “It would be better if Elaine came by herself this time.”

“The key point is that she also brought her daughter and son-in-law.”

“What if they both see something?! Customers from Japan and South Korea can’t wait now.”

“There are no other mules available if something goes wrong with Elaine,”

“And the top blames you, I can’t spare you!”

The older Jason said quickly: “Sister Mei, I think that Elaine was fooled by you.”

“I’m stunned for a moment, this matter should be safe, and when the time comes,”

“Let me work harder after the meeting, and this will definitely happen.”

Myren said coldly: “I’m not worried about Elaine,”

“I’m worried that her daughter and son-in-law will do bad things.”

After speaking, Myren added: “I always thought that this woman Elaine said she lived in Aurous Hill, Tomson,”

“Driving a Rolls-Royce is bragging, but when I saw her say this today,”

“Her daughter and son-in-law showed no expression at all, and it should be true.”

Jason said in surprise: “If she can live in a place like Aurous Hill If she can afford a first-class Tomson Villa and a Rolls-Royce,”

“It proves that Elaine’s family background is not ordinary.”

“Using her as a mule, shouldn’t there be an accident?”

“Accident? What could happen?” Myren With a cold snort said,

“The lease term for our house is almost up,”

“And the three-acre land in Providence can be considered as letting us play through it.”

“Just like those nomads, after one piece of grassland is eaten,”