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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4788 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4788 Start

She couldn’t help but said in surprise: “Mom, this is too coincidental.”

“Yes.” Myren said with a smile: “This sister is very powerful,”

“Their family specializes in import and export trade between China and the United States,”

“And their net worth is in billions, you know her, maybe it will help you in the future.”

Elaine said with joy: “That’s really great, sister Chen,”

“Go back and push her WeChat business card to me, I’ll add her.”

“Okay.” Myren nodded and said, “Eat first, and I’ll tell her after dinner.”

At this time, Jason and Jimmy had already started to exchange cups.

The two seemed to love drinking.

The father raised it and told his son to go for one.

The two put down the glass after drinking,

And the son picked up the glass again and wanted to go with the father.

Jimmy’s wife didn’t care, she was playing with her mobile phone while eating food to herself,

And seldom spoke during the period.

However, what made Charlie uncomfortable was that although that Jimmy had been drinking,

His eyes were always quietly looking for opportunities to glance at his wife Claire.

Moreover, the look in his eyes was sullen, and he had a bad intention at first sight.

Charlie couldn’t help but return a warning look, and Jimmy finally calmed down a little.

The strange thing is that Jimmy’s wife occasionally raised her head to pick up vegetables,

And she could see that her husband peeked at Claire from time to time.

However, Charlie didn’t see any form of obstruction from her.

Normally on such occasions, even if his wife couldn’t be angry with her husband in public,

She would at least give him a wink to warn him,

Or give him a little gesture under the table to calm him down.

But this Helma doesn’t seem to care who Jimmy is looking at as if all this has nothing to do with her.

As a result, the atmosphere at the dinner table was a little strange.

Elaine and Myren were chatting enthusiastically, Jason and Jimmy were drinking in full swing,

While Helma only focused on playing with her mobile phone, leaving Charlie and Claire to look at each other.

After finally finishing the meal, Elaine and Myren chatted for a while, and then reluctantly prepared to leave.

Before leaving, Elaine did not forget to remind Myren:

“Sister Chen, remember to push me your friend’s WeChat account.”

Myren smiled: “Okay, I’ll push it to you.”

Chen said: “Drive slowly on the road and pay attention to safety.”

Charlie nodded and thanked him, then started the car and left Myren’s house.

On the way, Charlie said to Elaine: “Mom, why do I feel that Aunt Chen’s family is strange.”

“Is there?” Elaine said, “I don’t think it’s strange.”

Claire on the side however couldn’t help but say:

“Mom, I do think it’s weird, but I can’t tell you what’s weird.”

“You should stay away from them in the future.”

Elaine said: “Hey, I’m going back to China right now,”

“Maybe I won’t have the chance to meet her again in the future, even if I want to communicate more.”

Claire remembered something, and then warned:

“After you return to China, even if she wants to take you to invest in stocks,”

“You must be careful. Don’t promise, the U.S. stock market is very deep,”

“And it’s possible to lose 90% in one day, so don’t buy randomly.”

“Okay, okay, Mom got it!”

Elaine said, while she already had an idea in her heart.

After she planned to go back, she immediately sold the necklace,

Then exchanged the money for US dollars and opened a US stock account to learn stock trading with Myren.

This time, the experience of spending all the money and being forced to come to the United States made her understand one thing,