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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4787 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4787 Start

When Myren heard that the meal was ready, she immediately warmly invited Charlie’s family of three to go to the dining room.

At this time, in the dining room, there was a man in his 60s who was busy arranging dishes.

After Myren’s introduction, this man was her husband, Jason Man.

And the young man who just went to invite them to dinner is Myren’s son named Jimmy.

Jason was very enthusiastic. After inviting the family of three to sit down at the dinner table,

He asked Charlie with a smile, “What kind of wine do you like to drink?”

“I have red wine and Maotai here.”

Charlie said politely, “I’m sorry Uncle Man, I have to drive, so I won’t drink.”

Jason didn’t get angry after hearing this, and said with a smile,

“It’s alright, don’t drink while driving.”

After speaking, he looked at his son Jimmy and said, “Jimmy,”

“If you have nothing else to do at night, let’s have a drink?”

Jimmy smiled and nodded: “Then have a drink.”

Myren hurriedly urged: “You two drink less.”

Father and son, the two agreed, and then Jimmy took out a bottle of Maotai,

Opened it impatiently, and poured a glass for himself and his father.

It can be seen that the father and son are both addicted to alcohol,

So from the moment, the wine bottle was opened and the fragrance of the wine wafted out,

The two of them seemed a little uncontrollable.

However, although the two were greedy for wine,

Neither of them picked up the wine glass, but couldn’t help but look at Myren.

At this time, Myren smiled and said to Elaine:

“Elaine, ignore drinking, let’s just talk!”

Elaine didn’t like to drink, so she readily agreed.

During the meal, Myren remembered something and said to Elaine,

“Elaine, what will your plane leave?”

Elaine hurriedly said, “Sunday night’s plane.”

Myren hurriedly said: “Oh, I have a sister who seems to be returning to China on the weekend,”

“And she is also leaving from New York. Maybe the two of you can be friends.”

Elaine asked in surprise: “Really? It’s great to have a companion,”

“I have to be in the air for more than ten hours, and I’ll be annoying anyone to death.”

“It’s best to have someone talk and chat.”

Myren took out her mobile phone and said, “I’ll ask her,”

“A few days ago, she said that she was going to return to China soon,”

“And I happened to ask her to take something for my dad, so I will go to New York to deliver it to her.”

After speaking, Myren added:

“I will ask her what her flight number is and if it is the same flight as yours,”

“And if so, I will send you her contact information,”

“And I will contact her when you arrive in New York so that we can make friends with each other.”

Elaine naturally agreed and smiled: “Then ask her,”

“My flight number is CX845, and I have to fly to Hong Kong before connecting.”

Myren tapped on her fingertips and said, “Okay, I’ll help you.”

“Will ask her, if it is the same flight, you will go together,”

“She is going back to Guangdong Province,”

“And most likely she is going to Hong Kong as a connecting point.”

Soon, Myren handed the mobile phone to Elaine and said with a smile:

“Hey, look, she is also on this flight!”

Elaine took a closer look, and found that on the chat page,

The other party replied to Myren with CX845 written on it.