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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4784 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4784 Start

Elaine said solemnly: “Mom has already told you that this is a family gathering.”

“The older generation will know each other, and the younger generation,”

“Will also get to know each other.”

Speaking, Elaine said very solemnly: “You two can’t say anything about this kind of thing, and you can’t let Mom go back!”

Claire looked at Charlie and asked, “Husband, what do you think…”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Since Mom has already made the arrangements, it is really inappropriate for us not to go.”

Elaine hurriedly said nodding as she blurted out:

“It’s still my good son-in-law who saves mom’s face at the critical moment!”

After that, she hit the iron while it was hot:

“Then this matter is settled, tomorrow afternoon at six o’clock, let’s go together,”

“Claire, you will take your class as normal tomorrow, my good son-in-law will go buy some gifts with me,”

“It’s our first time to visit someone’s house, it’s not good to go empty-handed.”

Claire saw that Charlie agreed, so it was not good to make further excuses.

What else to say, so she nodded and said, “That’s fine.”

The next afternoon.

Elaine called Charlie and drove around downtown Providence.

Elaine went to many gift shops, and finally, at the suggestion of Charlie,

Bought a set of exquisite tableware worth several hundred dollars as a souvenir.

Charlie felt that when visiting the house as an ordinary friend,

The gift must not be too expensive, otherwise, it would appear less pure.

Elaine also knew that at first glance, Myren’s family was a wealthy family,

And she was definitely not the one who lacked money,

So it was not so important for things to be expensive or cheap, and the main thing was her heart.

At half past five, the two picked up Claire at the gate of the school,

And then Charlie drove to the community where the other party lived,

According to the positioning sent to Elaine by the other party.

The destination is about a dozen kilometers away from the city center,

But the road conditions are very good, so the drive is very fast, and the whole journey took about 20 minutes.

This community is in Providence, a very high-end one.

The buildings in the entire community are very sparse,

And the building’s appearance, greenery, and roads are very well maintained.

In addition, police cars on duty are parked on the main road points of entry and exits.

In the United States, the strength of the community that can be protected by the police on duty is extraordinary,

Because police duty is not free, on the contrary, the cost is very high,

So high that an average community simply cannot afford it.

According to the navigation, Charlie parked the car in front of a very elegant three-story villa.

At this time, the door inside the low fence opened, and a woman of the same age as Elaine,

That is, Myren Chen, who was very speculative with Elaine, greeted them from the door.

Seeing Elaine, Myren said very happily: “Oh Elaine, you’ve come!”

After that, she saw Charlie and Claire also get out of the car, and said with a smile:

“These two must be your daughter and son-in-law? Welcome, come and sit in the room!”

Myren’s enthusiasm made Charlie feel that she was a little deliberate.

But he didn’t think much about it. After Elaine had a few words with the other party,

She and Claire followed her into the villa.

Myren warmly invited Charlie’s family of three into the house.

At this time, in the living room, one could already smell the aroma of the food.

The interior decoration of the villa is very elegant.