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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4783 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4783 Start

Elaine returned to the Presidential Suite of the Hilton Hotel,

And the first sentence when he entered the door was to ask Claire and Charlie:

“Claire, good son-in-law, do you two have anything to do tomorrow night?

Claire asked curiously, “What’s the matter, Mom?”

At this question, Elaine explained: “I have a very good sister in the Rampage team.”

“She said that she wanted to invite our family of three to be guests at her house.”

“This sister came from China, they have been living for many years in the United States,”

“And I haven’t made a few close friends. I finally met a close friend who I can talk to in all aspects.”

“As I will be leaving soon, so I will go to her house for a meal before leaving.”

Claire asked in surprise: “Mom… can you still find a good friend you can talk to?”

Elaine pouted: “Oh, look at what you said, don’t you think?”

“Don’t you have any friends? Then your Aunt Zhao, your Aunt Sun, and your Aunt Liu,”

“Don’t they all have a good relationship with me?”

Claire asked embarrassingly: “Do they have a good relationship with you? How can I remember?”

“It seems that you guys often play mahjong together and go to the beauty salon together,”

“And then you broke up for no reason.”

Elaine was a little embarrassed for a moment, and waved her hand in a hurry:

“Those are old calendars, don’t mention it!”

Actually, the reason why Elaine’s friends broke up was that after she stole Charlie’s bank card,

And transferred the money, and she felt that she was suddenly rich, and she instantly looked down on those old sisters of hers.

At that time, Elaine broke up with them on the phone, but unexpectedly,

After that incident, she went to the detention center and experienced life inside the high wall for a few days.

Elaine, for a long time, can be said to be the perfect example of the Chinese shrew.

The first is she is extreme snobbery, whoever has money is her father,

Regardless of whether the money can be spent on her or not, she will kneel and lick it first.

She has been following Mrs. Willson and Horiyah’s b u t t s for so many years in various ways,

And in the first three years of Charlie and Claire’s marriage,

She has always wanted Claire to divorce Charlie and marry another rich man.

This is the best portrayal of her character.

In addition, Elaine’s mind is extremely narrow-minded and interest-driven.

Therefore, she really hasn’t made any close friends.

Although Claire is not extremely smart, she naturally knows her mother very well,

And she always feels that a person like her has nothing to do with concepts like the bosom friend.

At this time, Elaine also knew why her daughter questioned her, so she said unnaturally:

“Claire, you can’t look at your mother like you used to,”

“You have to look at your mother from a developmental perspective.”

“It’s so easy to get along, whether it’s with those friends or with Charlie,”

“It’s not so pleasant to get along with, but don’t you think that mother is in a process of getting better now?”

Elaine was a little excited as she continued: “You said it yourself,”

“What is my attitude towards Charlie now? That’s why I can’t wait to dig my heart out!”

Claire saw that her mother was a little excited, and nodded quickly and said,

“Mom, you are right, it’s my eyes that don’t see your development…”

After that, she quickly changed the subject and asked,

“By the way, mom, what does that sister of yours do?”

Elaine hurriedly said: “She immigrated with her son and daughters-in-law,”

“And she is here to help them take care of the children.”

Then, Elaine explained: “By the way, your sister and mother are from the hometown folks!”

“Her hometown is not far from your grandmother’s house,”

Claire nodded and said: “Mom, I don’t know Charlie and this aunt.”

“It’s not appropriate to rashly visit someone’s house, and you know Charlie’s character.”

“He is not so social, or you can go by yourself. “

How about that…”