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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4780 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4780 Start

But today, Douglas asked her to sit on the inside, which was something she had never seen before.

Seeing Stella’s surprised expression, Douglas said with a smile,

“Stella, now you are the head of the Fei family, and it’s right to sit in this position.”

Stella said quickly: “Grandpa, this is your study room and your bookcase.”

“Even if I am the head of the Fei family, I am just your granddaughter here.”

“If I am in the group, I am sitting in the chairperson’s office and it is business affairs.”

“But at home, how can I sit in your seat…”

Douglas waved his hand and said solemnly: “The Fei family is a family business,”

“A home is a business, a business is a home, and you are the head of the Fei family.”

“This identity is not only the chairperson of the Fei Group,”

“But also the leader of the entire Fei family, even if it is me,”

“I will be under your command and follow your orders.”

After that, without waiting for Stella to speak, he sat down first.

And he sat down on one of the three chairs, and then said to her, “Stella, please.”

Stella felt a little stressed, but nodded lightly and said,

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Then she carefully sat across from Douglas.

Douglas nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile,

“Come on, tell grandpa about your trip to Hong Kong this time.”

Stella didn’t hide anything, she told almost everything until the moment she and Charlie got on the plane.

But there was one thing she didn’t say, and that was that,

Charlie gave Jemima a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving pill.

The reason why she didn’t say it was because she was worried that after her grandfather heard it,

Other thoughts would arise in his heart.

After all, she knew too well her grandfather’s desire to survive.

If he was really overwhelmed and started with Jemima’s Blood Dispersing Heart Saving pill,

He might accidentally make a big mistake.

If nothing else, even if grandfather went to Jemima to buy the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving pill,

If this matter spread to Charlie’s ears, Charlie would definitely criticize her in his heart.

Therefore, she directly deleted the story of Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill from the narrative.

After listening to it, he couldn’t help sighing:

“Gerard Liu is really lucky if it wasn’t for his daughter,”

“I think he would definitely not be able to pass this test!”

“Yes.” Stella also agreed: “You have never met Jemima, she is indeed a very immortal,”

“Well-behaved and moving lady, especially when she cried, it could induce pity in any heart.”

“If it were a man, he would also be attracted to her.”

Douglas tutted: “Oh, it’s really a hero who is saddened by beauty. The fact is that Mr. Wade has such a skill,”

“And in front of beautiful women, he can’t help himself.”

Stella shrugged and said, “Mr. Wade may have more empathy for Jemima.”

“Although the childhood experiences of the two are different, they also have a lot in common.”

“Among people, the rarest thing is empathy.”

“When men and women of the opposite s3x find the same frequency in a very important matter,”

“That kind of affection is uncontrollable.”

Douglas nodded, and added: “It seems that you really helped when you went to Hong Kong this time.”

“That is why Mr. Wade asked you to endorse Gerard,”

“That is to see Jemima’s face and want to give Gerard a chance.”

Stella smiled: “Actually, I didn’t do anything, I just came forward and said a few words.”

“In other words, but for a person of Gerard’s stature, the effect is indeed very big.”

Douglas asked again: “Then Mr. Wade should be very satisfied this time, right?”

“Not only did it solve all the troubles of Hogan, but also his family is all settled,”

“And he met Jemima, a confidante. Before leaving, he saved a little face for Jemima’s father,”

“Did enough to appease him, and even solved the problem for the Front for ten years.”

“It seems that the $100 million funding is really thought of and unexpected, and all aspects have been solved in place.”

“Yes.” Stella nodded and said, “Mr. Wade’s trip to Hong Kong has indeed yielded a lot.”

Douglas said with a smile: “That’s good, that’s good!”

After that, he paused for a moment, struggling, but still couldn’t help asking:

“By the way, Stella, you helped Wade this time. Did he say anything?”