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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4774 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4774 Start

Claire, who was on the side, immediately realized her mother’s intention, and said quickly:

“Mom! Can you stop being so vain? Why do you have to let Charlie buy it for you?”

“Something as expensive as Van Cleef & Arpels…”

Elaine said aggrievedly: “I didn’t say it, I mean that the brand’s products are too expensive,”

“And they are not cost-effective at all. How could a pragmatic person like me like something so not cost-effective?”

After speaking, she didn’t forget to say to Charlie,

“Good son-in-law, if you have this heart, Mom is already very satisfied,”

“But you must remember, don’t buy things indiscriminately!”

Charlie smiled and nodded lightly: “Okay Mom, I understand.”

Elaine’s expression was somewhat melancholy,

But she still flipped through the Van Cleef & Arpels article with interest,

And quickly focused her attention on the jewelry box in her hand.

As she opened the box, she thought to herself:

“I just bought a Bulgari Emerald Goddess’s Dream Necklace a few days ago,”

“And I don’t know what kind of Bulgari jewelry Charlie gave bought for me this time.”

“If it’s the bracelet of the Emerald Goddess’ Dream, it can be matched with my necklace, that would be great.”

Thinking of this, she happily opened the box.

Then, the thing that caught her eye made her stunned.

“This…this…” Elaine looked at the familiar necklace lying quietly in the jewelry box,

And couldn’t help saying: “This…this is not, it is the necklace of the Emerald Goddess’ Dream?”

The moment she saw this necklace, she was very disappointed.

After all, she bought an identical necklace just before she came to the United States,

So she was naturally a little depressed when she received such a gift again.

She is a person who loves vanity and face the most. Although this chain is very expensive,

It is also very grand, but two identical things can not make her haughty after all.

Wearing this one today, wearing that one tomorrow, in the eyes of others, it is the same one on both days.

But it’s impossible to hang two necklaces on the neck at a time,

So in her eyes, the necklace that Charlie gave her basically means that he didn’t give it.

At this time, Charlie had already seen the unconcealed disappointment in her eyes,

So he pretended to be surprised and asked,

“Mom, you know this so well, but I didn’t remember the name all the way.”

Elaine sneered and said: “Hey, I’m just doing research!”

As she said, she continued seriously: “Oh, you two don’t know, it’s Horiyah, the poor woman.”

“She’s almost out of food, and she still drags me to visit these luxury stores every day,”

“To be honest, if it weren’t for her saying the name always in my ears,”

“I wouldn’t be able to remember so many brands.”

Claire hurriedly asked: “Mom, have you been hanging out with Horiyah again?”

Elaine explained: “It’s not even hanging out together, it’s mainly because after you all left,”

“I lived alone in Tomson. It’s so boring, she can be considered a companion to some extent,”

“And she is a lot more honest now than before, so I had some walks with her.”

After speaking, she looked at the Goddess’ Dream Necklace in her hand. Feeling more and more melancholy.

Charlie smiled inwardly, it seemed that his move was indeed useful,

And it could be seen that Elaine was already a little annoyed at this time.

Claire, who was on the side, didn’t notice her mother’s strangeness at all,

But couldn’t help but say to Charlie: “Husband, thank you for the gift,”

“But don’t buy such expensive luxury goods in the future.”

“It is said that such luxury good, the value retention rate of the jewelry is very poor, which is a bit too wasteful.”

Charlie heard the word retention rate, and suddenly had an idea,”

“So he glanced at Elaine and deliberately said:

“It seems that this piece of jewelry in the second-hand market is still very valuable,”

“If the packaged bills are complete and the maintenance is new enough,”

“You should still be able to sell it with a 20% discount.”