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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4772 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4772 Start

After all, the flight number of a private jet will not appear on the big screen at the airport.

When the full-size Cadillac off-road vehicle brought Charlie to the Hilton Hotel, it was already 8 pm local time.

The driver first removed two huge suitcases from the trunk.

These two boxes were Hong Kong specialties prepared for him by Gerard.

Afterward, the driver took out a small 20-inch suitcase, which was Charlie’s own carry-on luggage.

The Patek Philippe that Jemima gave him was also put into this box by him.

Seeing that he had three big suitcases, the hotel’s luggage carrier quickly pushed the luggage cart,

Put all three suitcases on it, and followed Charlie to the top floor of the Hotel.

At this time, Claire had just had dinner with Elaine.

In the past few days since Elaine came to the United States,

She has become familiar with the city of Providence.

Not only can she go out for a walk and go shopping by herself,

But she even met many Chinese women living in the local area, and she quickly became acquainted with them.

In just a few days, she joined a number of organizations.

First, she joined a square dance group organized by a group of old ladies.

Every night, she goes to the downtown park to dance with them in Legend of the Phoenix,

And then joined a group composed of Chinese people.

The rampage team, composed of men and women in 2000, wear the same tracksuit every day,

Shouting slogans and running wild on the streets of Providence.

She also set a timetable for herself, saying that she would dance on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights,

Run wild on other days, and stay at the hotel on Sundays to rest and enjoy life.

Tonight, it just happened to be the day to check in with the Rampage team.

After eating, Elaine wiped her mouth and said to Claire:

“Claire, Mom is going to change clothes and go to the rampage team, do you want to come with me?”

“I don’t want…” Claire shook her head and said:

“The suite has a mini gym. If you want to walk or run,”

“You don’t need to go to the street to form a group, right?”

“What do you know?” Elaine said seriously:

“Your mother is doing it for socializing, I am new here,”

“And I don’t know anyone except you and Charlie.”

“You have to go to class every day, and Charlie goes out to show people Feng Shui.”

“Now, it’s weird to keep me alone in such a big presidential suite.”

“I still have to stay here for more than half a month. Don’t you die of boredom?”

“In Aurous Hill, there is Horiyah who is available every day.”

“When I got here, I don’t have anyone I know, it’s really boring…”

Claire said helplessly: “Mom, it’s only been a few days, so soon you started to think it’s boring…”

“If you knew this, you might as well live in Aurous Hill…”

Elaine lost a mansion and a car because she came to Providence.

The immortal life of a luxury car is also full of resentment, and subconsciously blurted out: “I think so!”

Claire asked in surprise: “Mom, what do you mean? Do you really want to go back to Aurous Hill?”

Elaine panicked, and quickly changed her words with a serious face:

“Who said that? I don’t mean it! I came to the United States to find you because I missed you.”

“If I go back, won’t I be alone again?”

In fact, what she thought was: “I don’t want to go back!”

“The key is that my pocket is cleaner than my face now. If I go back, let alone buy a plane ticket,”

“I don’t have any money to take a taxi to the airport.”

“Besides, even if You and Charlie buy me a plane ticket back,”

“And I don’t have money to eat after I land there, let alone refuel that Cullinan…”

Claire didn’t suspect her, and said seriously:

“Mom, if you want to live with us here, don’t always say it’s boring here,”

“The more you talk, the more you think about it, and the less happy you will be.”

“Yes, yes…” Elaine bit her head and said. : “You’re right, Mom got it!”

After speaking, she quickly changed the subject and said,

“Mom won’t tell you, it’s time to change clothes and go to the run squad.”

Just when Elaine wanted to go back to her room to change, someone rang the doorbell.

Elaine said with some dissatisfaction: “Didn’t we open the MNT,”

“Why are you still knocking on the door, it’s really annoying!”

After speaking, she came to the door scoldingly…