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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4771 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4771 Start

In the eyes of most people, wealth is a symbol of strength, but Charlie never took money in his eyes.

Facts have also proved to him countless times that money is not everything at all times.

For example, Douglas Fei, what if he is worth trillions?

Still have to rush to spend more than 200 billion US dollars to buy a rejuvenation pill.

Even his eldest uncle, Marshal An, was willing to pay more than…

300 billion US dollars in exchange for a mere rejuvenation pill.

In theory, as long as Charlie is willing, he can use the rejuvenation pill to collect,

All the wealth of the rich and old in the world.

In that case, his wealth might soon surpass his grandfather’s family,

Surpass the Saudi royal family, and even surpass the Routhschild family.

However, when Leon gave him 10 billion, he didn’t know how to spend it.

What if he has more money than the Rothschild family?

Selling rejuvenation pills without restraint will definitely push him to the forefront,

And the extra money he makes will not only bring him no real use,

But will attract a lot of coveting and peeping.

Therefore, in Charlie’s view, the most important thing for him in the next step is,

Not to find ways to make more money, but to do more accumulation of strength other than wealth.

Only in this way can he accumulate enough power to deal with those unknown behemoths.

At this time, Stella, who was beside him,

Finally understood what Charlie was really concerned about.

So, she said to him very resolutely, “Mr. Wade, don’t worry,”

“No matter what kind of opponent you face in the future,”

“As long as I’m still in the Fei family, the Fei family will definitely be by your side,”

“Advancing and retreating with you in every moment!”

Charlie nodded lightly and smiled indifferently:

“To advance and retreat together… Maybe it’s to go to a disaster together;”

“Or to share a wealth and honor, I hope I can live up to your trust.”

Stella said without hesitation: “Mr. Wade, I believe in your strength.”

“With your blessing, the Fei family will definitely get monstrous wealth!”

Charlie smiled noncommittally and then pointed to her hand.

He said seriously: “Your grandfather is a good person, he must know that you made a special trip to Hong Kong to help me,”

“And he will definitely not say no, so after you go back, you must not let him know that I gave this to you.”

“You have a blood-saving pill if he asks about me,”

“You can say that when I see him, I will show something to the Fei family.”

Stella did not expect Charlie to think so thoughtfully, and said gratefully and respectfully:

“Okay, Mr. Wade, I will follow your orders!”

After twelve hours of flight, the Fei family’s Boeing 747 finally landed at Providence Airport in the USA.

Charlie declined Stella’s request to get off the plane to see him off.

He got off the plane alone, and after seeing the plane take off again and headed for New York,

He went through customs alone.

Since Stella’s plane has super VIP treatment at all airports in the United States,

Charlie, as a passenger who came down of this plane, also received VIP treatment at the airport.

Every airport has one or more convoys of state guests.

When there are major diplomatic activities, they provide free escort services for dignitaries of various countries.

At other times, they are operated commercially.

As long as they can afford the money, they can be hired to provide escort services.

Charlie didn’t want to be too ostentatious,

So he took the initiative to ask the state guest team to reduce the eight cars to one Cadillac.

In this way, it seems a lot more low-key.

When he came back this time, Charlie didn’t tell Claire in advance.

The main reason is that he is very aware of her character.

If he tells her the exact return time, she will definitely drive to the airport to meet him.

On the one hand, Charlie doesn’t want to toss her, and on the other hand,

He is worried that she will come to the airport to meet him. A risky opportunity to reveal.