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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4770 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4770 Start

Charlie said, “Look, these rich people or wealthy families we usually come into contact with,”

“What they like to do most is use the money to make money, just like Jews,”

“They are born to make money, and they are born with money.”

“They will use the money to make more money, which leads them to only like to spend,”

“The money where it can add value and bring greater wealth, so they are completely doused in it.”

Speaking of this, he said again: “If a family has seen through too much money for a long time,”

“It’s just a numbers game, so that money is really spent in the direction of pure consumption,”

“Or in places where it can’t be reflected in concrete value at all, what will that bring?”

“Pure consumption…” Stella frowned and thought for a while,

Still, a little puzzled, and said embarrassingly: “Mr. wade would you explain?”

Charlie said seriously: “To give the simplest example,”

“The assets of the Routhschild family of more than ten trillion US dollars are placed in industries that can reflect value,”

“Such as investing in stones and mines; investing in the listing of Fortune 500 companies.”

“Enterprises, or directly set up banks, through banks to lend money to other companies in exchange for high interest or even equity;”

“Even if the money is spent, it can still be counted on one’s own head,”

“It is nothing more than a form of conversion of assets.”

“For example, I have 100 million dollars in cash, and then spent 50 million dollars”

“To buy a luxury house in New York, and then turned my total assets into 50 million in cash,”

“50 million in fixed assets…”

“Or, I exchange $20 million for a house, $20 million for stocks, $20 million for 20% ownership of an oil well,”

“$20 million for a painting by a famous painter, and then keep it.”

“20 million cash is used as working capital, so, although I have spent 80 million dollars,”

“I actually only hold it in different forms, and it may even continue to increase in value in the future;”

Speaking of this, he said: “But, if I use 80 million of the 100 million US dollars to cultivate a group of unknown dead soldiers?”

“These 80 million US dollars are converted into combat power, who can know?”

“When others measure my assets, they will think that I only have 20 million US dollars.”

“However, if I want to, these dead men on whom I spent 80 million US dollars to build,”

“They can easily kill ten so-called rich people with 100 million US dollars in assets without blinking.”

When Stella heard this, thinking of what happened to Charlie’s grandfather’s family some time ago,

She suddenly realized something, and said in horror:

“Mr. Wade, I understand what you mean…you mean to say,”

“There may be some top families who have already surpassed the stage of showing their strength by accumulating money.”

“On the contrary, they may have transformed the huge amount of funds into unexpectedly powerful combat power?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded. : “This is a bottomless concept. Just like me,”

“In the past few months, the funds I, directly and indirectly, invested in the Cataclysmic Front have far exceeded 10 billion;”

“These funds are not even at all come through my hand,”

“And the combat power formed by Cataclysmic Front will not be converted into wealth for ranking of the rich list;”

“If in a few years, I have invested more than 100 billion,”

“Or even trillions of funds in Cataclysmic Front, or other similar organizations,”

“But my own verifiable assets are only 100 billion, then in the eyes of others,”

“I may also be a billionaire, but my real strength is probably not comparable to a trillionaire.”

Speaking of this, he added: “The mysterious organization that attacked my grandfather’s family,”

“It may have been cultivating the dead soldiers alone for one or three hundred years,”

“And they have cultivated an unknown number of dead soldiers all over the world.”

“In these two or three hundred years, their investment in dead soldiers is definitely an extremely terrifying astronomical figure!”

“But these numbers cannot be included in the rich list.”

“Maybe the funds they have invested in combat effectiveness over the past few hundred years,”

“Converted into the purchasing power of today’s US dollars,”

“Maybe more than the total assets of the entire Routhschild family.”

“So if you only look at assets, you may not even be able to find the tip of the iceberg of this family.”

“Faced with such an invisible giant, what is the so-called famous Routhschild family?”

“This mysterious organization is the real number one family in the world;”

“When you want to play them, they are the number one evil in the world!”