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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4769 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4769 Start

“It doesn’t matter.” Charlie said lightly, “I can’t persuade him empty-handed,”

“Don’t say it’s him, even if it’s someone else. It’s impossible for them to accept it.”

After speaking, Charlie paused for a moment, and then said,

“The Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill that I gave you just now, keep it well,”

“And after I meet your grandfather, I will give him a promise. Let him stop thinking about Rejuvenation Pill.”

Stella didn’t know what was more important for her grandfather than Rejuvenation pill in this world,

So he couldn’t help asking: “Mr. Wade, what are you planning to do? What promises are you giving to grandpa?”

Charlie said lightly: “As long as he helps you secure your position as the head of the Fei family,”

“He doesn’t need to bid for Rejuvenation Pill,”

“And I can keep him live for another ten years!”

Charlie’s words made Stella tremble.

She knew the weight of Charlie’s words.

Since he said that he would keep grandpa alive for another ten years,

He would definitely fulfill his promise.

And basically, this is equivalent to giving grandfather most of the rejuvenation pills.

More importantly, Charlie will let grandpa will live for another ten years,

And his only condition is not to ask for money or things,

But to let her grandfather assist him and secure the position of the head of the Fei family for herself!

She couldn’t help but murmur in her heart:

“Mr. Wade did all this…all of this to pave the way for me…”

Thinking of this, she looked at Charlie with tears in her eyes, and said gratefully:

“Mr. Wade…Thank you for all that you have done for me…”

“I swear that in the future, the Fei family will always advance and retreat with Mr. Wade,”

“And will definitely become the most solid and reliable allies by Mr. Wade’s side!”

Charlie nodded and said seriously: “Actually, in the public world, whether it is my assets or the Fei family’s assets,”

“It is already considered to be the pinnacle, but if it really opens up more in the upper world,”

“Our strength is probably just enough to be a stepping stone.”

“Those who are knowledgeable can enjoy a lifetime of glory and wealth,”

“But those who are ignorant and rushing upwards are likely to face unexpected dangers.”

Stella said: “Mr. Wade, why do you think so? As far as I know,”

“Although there are many unknown wealthy families all over the world,”

“With the strength of the Fei family, I dare not say that they can rank among the top five in the world.”

“But there is absolutely no problem with the top ten,”

“And your current asset level is not necessarily under the Fei family, and it is only a few who are stronger than us.”

Charlie shook his head gently, looked at the stars in the sky 10,000 meters above the window, and sighed softly:

“Our cognition is limited by our horizons, I used to think that the richest family in the world is nothing but Routhchilde,”

“Its scale may be 10 trillion or 20 trillion.”

“However, the incident of the attack on my grandfather’s family,”

“Made me suddenly realize that this world may be different from my previous understanding.”

Stella hurriedly asked: “You mean, there are more powerful existences in this world than the Routhschild family?”

Charlie smiled slightly, instead of answering her question, he asked her:

“What do you think? What should we use to measure the strength of a family or an organization?”

Stella thought about it and said seriously,

“Let’s consider human, material, and financial resources, but financial resources should be the most important.”

Charlie nodded his head: “I used to think that financial resources are the most important.”

“After all, the rankings of the world’s companies and the rich are all measured by money.”

Speaking of this, he suddenly changed his tone and said seriously:

“But, I suddenly think about a question, if a family has so much money,”

“For them that it has no other meaning than numbers, what will they continue to do?”

Stella asked blankly: “Mr. Wade, what do you mean?”