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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4767 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4767 Start

At this moment, in Charlie’s hand, there is a Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill.

The diameter of this Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill is about one centimeter.

Because it is not as precious as the rejuvenation pill,

Charlie didn’t bother to put it in a wooden box,

So he just sealed it with wax paper that is specially wrapped around food.

Stella heard that Charlie was going to give her a gift and like a child,

She deliberately clenched one hand, palm down, as if it was very mysterious.

For a moment, she thought that Charlie was joking with her,

So she smiled and said, “What kind of small gift did Mr. Wade prepare?”

“Could it be a little bug? Let me state in advance that I’m not afraid of bugs.”

Boys in childhood always love to make fun of little girls,

And the most common way is to catch a bug in the palm of the hand,

Pretending to have a gift for the girl and asking her to reach for it.

Stella also seemed to be playful at this time, while talking,

She stretched out her hand and placed it under Charlie’s clasped hand,

Then looked at Charlie, and asked with a light smile,

“Would you like me to close my eyes?”

Charlie smiled slightly, and said indifferently, “No need.”

After speaking, the palm of his hand loosened,

And the Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill fell into Stella’s hands.

Stella felt that a ball of paper fell into her hands,

But it seemed to have more weight than paper, so she looked at it curiously and saw it was a sphere wrapped in wax paper.

She was stunned for a moment, and then, She thought of the Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill…

That Jemima had shown her, and it seemed to be wrapped in this wax paper…

At this moment, Stella seemed to have been hit hard,

And even her scalp began to go numb. The heartbeat is even faster than ever before,

As if the adrenaline is soaring at this moment.

Even though the Pill was already lying in her palm, Stella still couldn’t believe it.

She looked at Charlie dumbfounded, and asked subconsciously,

“Mr. Wade, this… isn’t this a Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill?”

“Why did you suddenly give me such an expensive gift?”

Charlie looked at her and smiled indifferently: “Since this time, I have really troubled you a lot.”

“This Blood Scattering Heart Saving pill is regarded as my little care, and I hope Miss Fei will not dislike it.”

Stella’s whole person is a little flattered, and even a little flustered, and she said quickly:

“Mr. Wade, my life was saved by you, without you, it is impossible to have this body today,”

“With such great kindness, it is an honor for me to do anything for you…”

After speaking, she hurriedly handed the Pill to Charlie, and said resolutely,

“Mr. this medicinal pill is too precious and I can’t have it…”

Charlie pushed the pill back with a serious expression, put it back in her hand,

And held it with his own hand, so that she could hold the medicine pill tightly,

And said at the same time: “This is a little bit of my heart,”

“You can take it down and keep it close to your body, just in case it is needed.”

Saying that he instructed: “If it’s not necessary,”

“Don’t transfer it directly to your grandfather, just keep it for yourself first.”

Stella saw that Charlie’s attitude was firm, and she was very moved in his heart,

And tears had already filled her heart and she uncontrollably burst out.

Just now, she was still feeling inferior and aggrieved for the difference of attitude from Charlie about herself and Jemima.

Unexpectedly, he at this time, gave her a strong response so quickly.

The elixir in front of her, at this moment, the greatest value to her is not the elixir itself,