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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4766 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4766 Start

Having said this, Stella paused slightly and continued:

“Originally I didn’t want to use this plane either.”

“But my grandfather heard that I was coming to Hong Kong to see you, so he directly transferred the plane to New York.”

Charlie nodded lightly, and asked with a smile, “Mr. Fei How is he doing?”

“Not bad.” Stella said truthfully: “There is nothing serious about the body in a short time,”

“And the mood is also good, so the state of the person is also better than before,”

“And he has been talking about it recently that he is going to learn Tai Chi with others,”

“Saying that he wants to strengthen my body and try to live two more years.”

Charlie smiled: “It seems that the old man is in good shape.”

“Yes.” Stella nodded and said, “Looking at the state of the whole person,”

“It is much better than before. This is all thanks to your help, Mr. Wade.”

After speaking, Stella said again: “Oh yes Mr. Wade, grandfather is determined to win the Rejuvenation auction next year,”

“Saying that he must get the last whole Rejuvenation at all costs.”

Charlie smiled and asked her: “You are at the helm of the entire Fei family now,”

“From your current point of view, do you think the old man spends hundreds of billions of dollars to buy a rejuvenation pill,”

“Is it worth it for the entire Fei family?”

Stella thought for a while, and said seriously:

“If you simply buy from the aspect of the Fei family’s patriarch, it is definitely not worth it.”

“Even if the Fei family has a big business, the real cash they can take out is only the value of a rejuvenation pill.”

“Once the money is taken out, the whole Fei family will become a luxury jumbo plane with no money to refuel,”

“And the turnover of many businesses will be greatly affected.”

“And, in order to free up enough cash in advance,”

“I may start to reduce the amount from the second half of this year.”

“The whole family has unnecessary expenses and long-term investments,”

“To ensure that at least 350 billion to 400 billion US dollars of funds are set aside in the first half of next year.”

Having said this, Stella sighed softly and said:

“However, my identity is not just the head of the Fei family,”

“I am also the granddaughter of this old man. Following him for the past few years,”

“I can deeply realize how strong his desire for survival is.”

“I’m not exaggerating, for Grandpa himself, he is even willing to give out 80% of the entire Fei family’s assets,”

“In exchange for twenty years of life. After all, in his opinion,”

“The current industry of the Fei family, most of them are made by him,”

“Even if he takes 80%, the remaining 20% is enough for all the Fei family to spend in a few lifetimes.”

At this moment, Stella paused for a moment and said with emotion:

“So for me now, on the one hand, I can’t let the Fei family suffer heavy losses,”

“On the other hand, I can’t live up to my grandfather’s desire to survive,”

“If I reject him at this time, then what’s the difference between my uncle and me?”

“The most embarrassing thing in the world is that the boy who kills the dragon becomes a dragon,”

“And this is what I keep reminding myself in my heart.”

Charlie asked curiously: “So how are you going to neutralize these two different positions?”

Stella thought about it and said seriously: “I think it is irresponsible to take out 80% of the assets,”

“For myself and the entire Fei family. They are irresponsible, but if you ask me to give 50%,”

“I will not hesitate, after all, for grandpa now, the value of life is more than everything.”

As she spoke, she pointed to the luxurious floor on the plane and said to Charlie:

“When it’s time to die, let him use this private jet with a cost of more than 500 million US dollars to exchange even one day for himself,”

“And he will definitely agree without hesitation.”

Speaking of which, she sighed, Looking at Charlie, she said sincerely:

“Mr. Wade, if you are willing to sell me a rejuvenation pill,”

“I am willing to hand over half of the Fei family’s assets, and I will never break my promise.”

Charlie smiled noncommittally, earnestly said:

“People are more afraid of death the more they live,”

“Even if you really buy a rejuvenation pill for him next year and let him live for another 20 years,”

“But 20 years will pass, and by that time, he will become more afraid of death than now, what should you do?”

Stella said very seriously: “I am not stupid either, as long as I can do it once and have a clear conscience.”

Charlie nodded lightly. Nodding, he quietly took out a Heart-Saving Blood Scatterig Pill in his hand, and said to Stella:

“By the way, I prepared a small gift for you. I planned to give it, but I never thought of it to give you right now.”