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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4765 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4765 Start

Stella smiled slightly: “For you, it may not be a big deal,”

“But this watch should be one of the most expensive among watches,”

“And the actual transaction price is 10 million yuan and in dollars, it goes up and down.”

Charlie couldn’t help sighing: “Just such a watch, ten million dollars? This is too expensive, isn’t it?”

Stella said jokingly: “It’s okay, you can buy the entire Patek Philippe brand with a blood-saving pill.”

“Patek Philippe has been doing it for so many years and has been over-marketed for so long,”

“And its market value is only eighty to one tens billion dollars,”

“And it’s still overestimated if you have a Heart-Saving Blood Scatterig pill and want to make a move,”

“I can buy Patek Philippe and exchange it with you.”

After speaking, Stella smiled again: “No, no, if that’s the case.”

“I’m taking advantage of you too much, why don’t I add the Rolex Group too,”

“The market value of the Rolex Group is about 10 billion US dollars.”

Charlie did not expect that Stella was willing to use Patek Philippe and Rolex,

Two well-known watch companies, to exchange for a Heart-Saving Blood Scatterig Pill.

But thinking about it carefully, for a top rich man like her grandfather Douglas,

20 billion US dollars for three to five years of life, this is still very cost-effective.

After all, a Rejuvenation pill can be sold for more than 300 billion US dollars,

And it is easy to sell one-tenth of the Rejuvenation for Heart Saving Blood Scatterig Pill.

In fact, Charlie is also very clear, don’t take Stella’s words as a joke, but in fact, this is what she really thinks.

However, speaking in such a joking tone, she left enough space for herself to mediate before and after,

And she could attack and defend.

If she said that she was unwilling to buy the Heart-Saving Blood Scatterig Pill Pill, then she would definitely take jokes as a friend and take it easy.

But if you follow her words and express interest in buying to school,

Then she will definitely put away her joking attitude and have a serious and in-depth talk with him.

This made Charlie sigh again in his heart: “Stella is really smart.”

“At any time and under any circumstances, she can judge the form very clearly,”

“And control the rhythm very accurately, which is really amazing.”

Thinking of this, Charlie couldn’t help but ponder:

“However, she definitely didn’t think that I had already planned to give her a blood-rescue pill.”

At this point, he suddenly felt a sense of ridicule.

He knew that Stella could attack and defend now, and he seemed to have the initiative,

But he also knew that he still had a trump card that was worth a thousand pounds,

And that was to pretend to be confused with her on purpose.

So, he looked at her and smiled, then looked at the luxurious and brand-new interior of the plane, and suddenly said,

“Oh right, Miss Fei, your plane is very new, shouldn’t it be? Did you just buy it?”

Stella was slightly startled.

She originally thought that she could communicate with Charlie about the purchase of the Heart-Saving Blood Scatterig Pill for this joke-like conversation.

Since everything has been said here, maybe this matter can really be facilitated.

But she really didn’t expect that Charlie would change the subject directly.

It made her feel as though she had been punched in the air,

Not even getting any feedback, let alone any real progress.

This made Stella very disappointed all of a sudden.

She couldn’t help thinking of Jemima again,

Thinking of the Heart Saving Blood Scatterig Pill that Charlie gave her, she felt even more inferior.

She felt: “Mr. Wade knew Jemima for a few days, and he could give her a Heart Saving Blood Scatterig Pill,”

“But Mr. Wade knew me much earlier than Jemima, but he doesn’t even want to sell me one…”

“Could it be… Could it be that in his heart, I am so much worse than Jemima?”

At this moment, Stella, in addition to being lost, couldn’t help but feel a little more grievances.

This kind of grievance blocked her heart. Uncomfortable, the eye sockets are even a little red and wet.

However, she didn’t want Charlie to see it, so she quickly adjusted and smiled along with Charlie’s words:

“To tell you the truth, this plane was actually ordered by my grandfather from Boeing three years ago,”

“And the prototype is Boeing. 747-8, since the interior renovation also needs Boeing to complete,”

“The entire production cycle was extremely long, and it was only delivered in Chicago last week.”