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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4764 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4764 Start

After boarding the plane, Stella first took Charlie to the reception area on the first floor, and said to him,

“Mr. Wade, let’s sit here for a while, the plane will take off immediately,”

“And after the plane flies to the level, the staff will prepare dinner for us.”

“If you are tired after dinner, you can go to your room to rest first,”

“The flight is about 12 hours long, and you will be there after a sleep.”

Charlie nodded, at this time the plane had already started to be pulled by a tractor.

Slowly dragging it out of the hangar.

Through the window, Charlie could see Jemima below, waving at him constantly.

Charlie also waved at her across the window,

And then Jemima’s figure began to get smaller and smaller in sight.

After the plane was pushed out of the hangar, the four engines started,

And with the thrust of the engines, it began to taxi towards the end of the runway.

At this time, Jemima was almost out of sight,

But Charlie found that even though everyone else got on the plane, she was still standing there.

Charlie turned around and looked for a long time before turning his head back.

Somehow, he always had a feeling of empathy for Jemima.

He knows that this beautiful girl who is envied by countless people in Hong Kong,

Has actually lost her color since the day her father cheated on her mother.

Since then, in addition to facing her mother’s tears and grief every day,

She had to accept the reality that her mother is seriously ill and her health was deteriorating.

After the death of the mother, although the father gave a lot of material compensation,

This compensation was almost a drop in the bucket compared to the blow caused by the death of the mother.

Therefore, he knew that Jemima had not been happy all these years,

And even lived in nostalgia for her mother.

This also made him feel a little more distressed for her.

At this time, Stella saw Charlie’s melancholic appearance and felt a little lost in her heart.

She always felt that she was no worse than Jemima,

And even much better than Jemima in some aspects,

But she didn’t understand why he only knew Jemima for a few days,

But he could pay so much attention to Jemima, and she could even see that he was a little emotional,

But, she has never found a love related to herself in him.

While sighing inwardly, she did not forget to remind Charlie:

“Mr. Wade, can you open the gift that Miss Liu gave you?”

“Oh yes!” Charlie remembered the gift.

So, he carefully placed the suitcase on his lap and opened it gently.

After opening it, he found that the inside of the suitcase contained an extremely beautifully made wooden box,

And the trademark of Patek Philippe was printed on the top of the box.

Stella, who was on the side, leaned over to take a look, and said in surprise,

“It turned out to be a watch…”

She couldn’t help but sigh, “Miss Liu is really observant, so she thought of a gift for you.”

“I may really not be able to think of them, because you do not lack anything,”

“But now that I think about it, you only lacked a watch.”

“A successful man like you really needs to wear a watch that can show his identity when he goes out.”

Charlie smiled and said: “The reason why I don’t wear a watch is that I don’t like to wear it.”

“Now I always carry my mobile phone when I go out so that I can check the most accurate time anytime, anywhere.”

“There is absolutely no need to carry a huge watch on my wrist.”

Stella smiled and said, “I didn’t like it before, but this watch is given to you by Miss Liu,”

“Maybe because of this person, you may like to wear it.”

After speaking, she hurriedly urged, “Mr. Wade Let’s open it and have a look,”

“I have some research on the watches, maybe I can help you with reference.”

Charlie nodded and opened the top cover of the box.

What catches the eye is a large round dial watch with a circle of blue gems around the surface,

Which is very stylish with a platinum frame.

Stella couldn’t help but exclaim at this time:

“Patek Philippe’s 5073P, this is the top sapphire model. Miss Liu made the right choice for you all at once…”

Charlie asked curiously: “This watch is very expensive?”