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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4762 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4762 Start

Saying that Jemima came to Gerard, looked at Charlie and Stella, and with a little sorry tone said,

“I’m sorry, Mr. Wade and Miss Fei, for keeping the two of you waiting.”

Stella smiled and said, “It’s okay, we just arrived, and we’re not catching a plane, so not in a hurry.”

Seeing that Jemima was carrying a box about the size of a briefcase, she asked curiously,

“Jemima, what are you holding? It looks quite heavy.”

Jemima glanced at her hand. She couldn’t help but look at Charlie next to her, and said a little shyly,

“This is a small gift I bought from Japan for Mr. Wade.”

After that, she raised the box with both hands.

In front of Charlie, she said expectantly, “Mr. Wade, this is a gift for you, please don’t dislike it.”

Charlie didn’t expect that Jemima specially prepared a gift for him,

He look at her With a look of anticipation, Charlie didn’t show any courtesy to her, and thanked her,

“Then I will thank Miss Jemima for her kindness.”

As he said that, he stretched out his hand to take the box. He didn’t expect the box to be heavy.

Seeing him accept it, Jemima smiled sweetly, thinking of something, and then quickly asked:

“By the way, Mr. Wade, please open this gift after you get on the plane.”

Charlie agreed: “Okay.”

Stella on the side asked deliberately: “Jemima, did you only prepare gifts for Mr. Wade?”

“I thought we were a bit more than friends.”

Jemima was immediately ashamed and embarrassed, and said embarrassingly:

“I’m sorry, Miss Fei, I accidentally saw this gift on the website yesterday,”

“And there was only one, so I asked a friend to buy it and bring it here…”

“Your gift will be ready to be sent to you later!”

Stella said with a smile, “I’m just teasing you and joking with you, don’t take it seriously.”

After speaking, she quickly said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, let Jemima take a car with you,”

“I’ll pay you back right away. I want to take a 12-hour flight with you,”

“So now I won’t be robbing her of time alone with you.”

Jemima said shyly, “Miss Fei…I can take any car… “…”

Stella said with a smile, “Since any car is fine, let’s take this car, and I’ll squeeze in a car with Master Yuan!”

After saying that, she turned around and waved her hand behind her.

While sitting in a Rolls-Royce behind the team.

Seeing this, Charlie held the car door with one hand and said to Jemima,

“Miss Jemima, please get in the car.”

Jemima nodded slightly, greeted her father, and then bent down and got into the car.

Charlie also got into the car, seeing that Jemima was still out of breath at this time,

Guessing that she must be very tired from running all the way, and said,

“Since your friend’s flight was delayed, you could have given me a call, why run in such a hurry.”

Jemima shook her head and said, “How can I let so many people wait for me together,”

“She didn’t delay for too long, I ran a few more steps to catch up with the time.”

Charlie had some weird feeling, looked at the box in his hand, and said,

“Actually, there is no need to choose gifts for me, I actually don’t lack anything.”

Jemima said seriously: “You gave me such a precious pill. I haven’t returned the gift yet…”

Charlie asked her curiously: “Who told you that the pill is precious? Is it Miss Fei?”

“Yes…” Jemima seemed to feel like the child who did something wrong, and whispered nervously,

“The time you bought me a phone case, I accidentally took out the medicine pill you gave me and showed it to Miss Fei…”

She hurriedly explained: “I really didn’t want to show off or anything…”

“I just heard from Miss Fei that you have two very magical elixirs, and then you gave me one too,”

“So I subconsciously showed it to her…”

Speaking of which, Jemima gathered up her courage, looked at Charlie, and asked softly,

“I’m sorry… I know you said it before, don’t let me tell others..”

“Don’t let me show it to others…I thought you were joking…”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s okay, Miss Fei’s character can still be trusted,”

“But you should keep it safe in the future, and don’t let others see it.”

He looked up at the driver in front of him.

Fortunately, the rear and front rows of this car have privacy soundproof glass,

So the conversation between the two is not loud, and the driver would definitely not hear it.

Seeing that Charlie didn’t blame her, Jemima finally breathed a sigh of relief and said obediently,

“Don’t worry, I will never tell anyone again in the future.”

Charlie nodded lightly, thinking to himself, “Stella I don’t know how,”

“She would have felt when she saw the blood-saving pill I gave to Jemima.”

In the beginning, when her grandfather was dying, he only gave her half of it.

It wasn’t that Charlie was stingy, the main reason was that he was somewhat dissatisfied with Stella at the time.

After all, this woman approached him and his wife with a false identity,

And even secretly investigated his background, which made him feel quite disappointed.

For this dissatisfaction, and if his sister was not kidnapped by the Fei progeny at the time,

She would have lost everything in an instant, and he would not have even given half a pill.

However, the current Stella is not the original Stella.

She has sworn her allegiance to him, and this time,

She has done her best to cooperate with him.

And between her and Jemima, he really can’t favor one over the other.

Thinking of this, he suddenly felt that he should take this opportunity for her coming to Hong Kong,

To do things for him and give her the reward she had always dreamed of.