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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4761 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4761 Start

At five o’clock in the afternoon.

Gerard’s Rolls-Royce team brought him and Hogan to the hotel where Charlie and Stella stayed at that time.

Seeing Charlie, Gerard said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, the convoy is ready to leave at any time.”

Charlie nodded lightly, and when he saw that Jemima was not there,

He asked casually, “Is Miss Jemima here?”

Gerard hurriedly explained: “Back to Mr. Wade, I called her,”

“And she said that she just had to go to the airport for something, so she just went over by herself.”

Charlie then said, “Okay, then we too leave then.”

Half an hour later, Charlie and Stella followed Gerard’s motorcade to Hong Kong International Airport.

The convoy stopped in front of the VIP building. After Gerard got off the car in front,

He trotted all the way to the car where Charlie was, and after opening the door,

He said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you and Miss Fei have to work hard now.”

“We go to the security check and customs together first, and the convoy has to go through the car channel for security check.”

“After the security check, we will wait for you at the airport.”

“Once you go through the customs clearance procedures, you can see me as soon as you come out.”

He said, worried that Charlie would not be satisfied with this kind of process,

He quickly explained: “Mr. Wade, Hong Kong has a tighter way on aviation safety,”

“Unlike the United States, which is relatively loose,”

“These processes that should be followed are all indispensable. Please bear with it.”

Charlie nodded, smiled, and said, “Okay, then I and Miss Fei will go in from here.”

“Okay!” Gerard nodded and said hurriedly, “I will send you two in first. Let’s go.”

Charlie said: “Mr. Liu doesn’t have to be so polite, you go ahead and we’ll go in by ourselves.”

After speaking, he and Stella got out of the car.

Gerard insisted on taking Charlie and Stella into the VIP building,

And watched the two enter the security inspection channel.

Then he quickly turned around and returned to the convoy,

Directing the convoy to accept the security inspection from the dedicated car channel.

Because they waited for Charlie and Stella and the others,

They had one more customs clearance procedure than Gerard and others,

So when they finished the formalities and entered the airport,

Gerard’s motorcade also completed the security check and was already outside the VIP passage. waiting.

Seeing Charlie and Stella coming out, Gerard, who was at the door, immediately greeted him and said respectfully,

“Mr. Wade, I have already sent the luggage of you and Miss Fei to the plane ahead of time.”

“There are also some Hong Kong souvenirs that I specially prepared for the two of you, and they have already been sent.”

Charlie smiled: “This time I came to Hong Kong for a lot of trouble for Mr. Liu,”

“How can I let Mr. Liu spend more money.”

Gerard said with a smile on his lips: “Mr. Wade is too polite, this is what I should do,”

“Not to mention that I didn’t prepare any special expensive gifts for the two of you,”

“Just some relatively high-quality dry-hearted abalone. Yellow lip fish gelatin and Xinhui tangerine peel,”

“These things are just local products, and it is really not easy to take a shot,”

“But these things are not easy to buy in the market, so I prepared some for the two of you.”

As he spoke but Gerard couldn’t help complaining in his heart:

“The local souvenir prepared for Charlie, the god of plague, is worth tens of millions.”

“It really answers the old saying, it’s easy to ask gods, but difficult to give to gods.”

Charlie Hearing what he said, smiled, “Mr. Liu is too modest,”

“Any of the three things you mentioned are very expensive ingredients, right?”

Gerard hurriedly said: “Mr. Wade Expensive is not enough to express my gratitude to you,”

“So you must not be polite to me.”

Charlie nodded, seeing that there was still no sign of Jemima among the people standing outside the car,

He was unconscious. feel a little disappointed.

But he didn’t ask Gerard anymore, and said,

“Mr. Liu, it’s getting late, let’s get in the car and go.”

Gerard looked at the time and said quickly, “Mr. Wade, there is something wrong with this girl Jemima,”

“And I can’t get through on the phone. Please wait a moment, and I will give it a try.”

After that, he took out the phone, When he was about to dial, he heard Jemima’s voice not far away: “Dad!”

Charlie turned his head subconsciously, and the moment he saw Jemima,

The uncontrollable disappointment in his heart disappeared instantly.

If he couldn’t see Jemima again before leaving Hong Kong today,

He would definitely have some regrets in his heart.

At this time, Gerard also looked happy, reached out and waved to Jemima,

And couldn’t help complaining: “Where have you been?”

“Everyone is waiting for you, and you don’t even pick up the call!”

Jemima said panting: “A good sister just came back from Japan…I asked her to bring some things for me…”

“So…so I went to her first to pick it up… But her plane was delayed,”

“Nevertheless, I just got my things, I came over quickly,”

“I came running all the way, and didn’t bother to look at my phone.”