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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4760 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4760 Start

Jemima looked at her speechlessly, and asked helplessly:

“Can you stop being so vulgar, Mr. Wade and I are innocent, how can we have an affair…”

“Mr. Wade… pay off the innocence…” Emily stuck out her tongue and joked,

“I guess you are starting to name the future children of the two of you, right?”

“His surname is Wade, then you have a son. What’s a better name for Wade?”

“Oh, yes, if you don’t dislike it, I will be a godmother for the child, what do you think?”

Jemima felt her face swell, and said a little angrily:

“Emily, If you are always so unscrupulous in the future,”

“Then it would be better for me to stay away from you!”

Emily pouted and asked her, “Sister Jemima, when is it convenient, can you ask him to come out for a meal with us?”

“I am a person. I don’t have any other skills, I definitely have the ability to identify the sgumbag,”

“Whether he is good or not, I can tell after a meal!”

Jemima said with some melancholy: “I have no chance, he will leave Hong Kong tonight.”

“Ah?” Emily asked in surprise, “Is he going back to the mainland?”

“If I guessed correctly, he should be from Aurous Hill, right?

Jemima just sighed helplessly: “He is going back to the United States.”

“Back to the United States?” Emily hurriedly asked:

“Then why are you going to Aurous Hill? Go to the United States to find him!”

Jemima held her chin and looked not far away at the wall in a daze, and muttered:

“He is going to the United States to accompany his wife to school, and he will return to Aurous Hill next month.”

Emily asked dumbfounded: “Sister Jemima…you…what are you talking about?! He…he…he has a wife?”

“Yes.” Jemima nodded and said earnestly, “He’s been married for four years.”

“I’m going…” Emily couldn’t believe it for a while, and blurted out:

“Sister Jemima, you…you…why can’t you think about it…”

Jemima subconsciously turned the pen in her hand and muttered:

“It’s not that I can’t think about it, I just can’t control myself.”

Said then, she suddenly caught a glimpse of the time in the lower right corner of the computer, and blurted out,

“Crap, it’s almost four o’clock, I have to ask him when he will leave.”

After Charlie and Stella discussed it, they set the time for the plane to take off at seven o’clock in the evening.

The reason why they chose to take off at 7 o’clock is that it takes about 12 hours for Stella’s private plane to fly to Providence.

It takes off at 7 o’clock in Hong Kong time, and it happens to be 7 o’clock in the evening local time in Providence.

This time is a relatively suitable landing time. Too early will squeeze Charlie’s last day’s itinerary in Hong Kong.

If it is too late, if it arrives in the second half of the night, it will also affect his wife’s rest.

However, at seven o’clock in the evening, it is somewhat embarrassing for Hogan and Gerard.

Because both of them wanted to invite Charlie to dinner in private,

Hogan wanted the family to thank Charlie, but Gerard wanted to take this opportunity to get closer to Charlie.

It’s a pity that Charlie’s departure time is too early to arrange dinner,

Because considering the various procedures of international flights before boarding,

Charlie decided to leave for the airport at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

This time is really not suitable to go for dinner.

When he received a message from Jemima who asked him when to take off,

Charlie him the tentative time.

When Jemima got Charlie’s reply, she quickly stood up and said eagerly to Emily,

“Emily, I have to go first, the gift I prepared for him has just arrived in Hong Kong in half an hour,”

“And I haven’t bothered to pick it up yet!”