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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4758 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4758 Start

Soon, Charlie talked to Hogan and drove with Stella to the largest business district in Hong Kong.

On the way, Stella asked him, “Mr. Wade, what kind of gifts are you planning to buy for your family?”

Charlie smiled and said, “It’s just my wife and my mother-in-law,”

“So, just choose something that women like more.”

Stella nodded and smiled: “For women, bags and jewelry are definitely the best choices.”

“As for bags, they are Hermes and Chanel. As for jewelry, there will be more brands,”

“Such as Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, and Bulgari. Li, it’s a good choice.”

Charlie said, “I won’t get the bag, I have given it before, but I can think about jewelry…”

Thinking of this, he suddenly remembered the situation Warnia helped him set up for Elaine.

At that time, Elaine ended up spending almost all the cash because of an emerald necklace from Bulgari.

Charlie suddenly thought if Elaine was to buy another necklace that was exactly the same,”

“As the necklace, she bought when she won the lottery, how would she feel in the depths of her heart?

Thinking of this, Charlie said without hesitation, “Let’s go to Bulgari!”

Soon, the two parked the car and came to the largest Sogo department store in Hong Kong.

In order to prevent being recognized, Stella put on a mask and sunglasses and followed Charlie into the mall.

As soon as they arrived at the mall, Stella saw the sign of Bulgari,

So she said to Charlie, “Mr. Wade, Bulgari is over there.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded and came to the storefront with her.

In the store, a shopping guide stepped forward and asked enthusiastically,

“Welcome to Bulgari, what do you two want to see?”

Charlie asked, “I heard that you have an emerald necklace in the store. Is it in stock?”

The shopping guide hurriedly said, “Yes, sir it is in stock, wait a moment.”

After saying that, the shopping guide took out an emerald pendant necklace from the counter,

Handed it to Charlie, and said respectfully, “Sir, this emerald necklace is our latest model this year,”

“And it sells very, very well, with a price of 550,000 Hong Kong dollars only.”

Charlie took the necklace and looked at it, and found that the necklace is really beautiful,

Showing the style and class. At the same time in terms of temperament, it can also be low-key and restrained,

Not as flamboyant and superficial as diamond jewelry. It is indeed a rare good style.

No wonder Elaine was willing to spend all the cash to buy such a necklace.

Moreover, Charlie felt that for Claire it should also be very suitable to wear such a pendant.

Not only is the style fresh and elegant, but the green pendant can also bring out the fairness of the skin.

So, Charlie said: “Okay, I want this necklace, please get me two.”

The shopping guide said in surprise: “Sir, do you want to buy two identical ones?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said: “It needs to be exactly the same.”

The shopping guide explained patiently: “Sir if you are planning to give it to your wife,”

“I would recommend that you buy two different styles. Women prefer different styles of jewelry.”

Charlie said: “I’m going to give it to my wife and my mother-in-law.”

The shopping guide nodded and said sincerely: “Then I suggest you buy two different styles,”

“Women’s matching shirts, shoes, matching the same hairstyle, they don’t like it.”

“If your wife and your mother-in-law both wear the same necklace, they will definitely feel awkward.”

Charlie smiled: “Listening to you, I want to buy it even more. It’s to be the same.”

For Charlie, he knew Claire’s character very well, she is a dedicated personality,

Indifferent to the world, and doesn’t care about herself much,

If he buys the same jewelry for her and Elaine, She certainly will not have any dissatisfaction.

But Elaine is different.

The two major taboos for women’s jewelry mentioned by the shopping guide just now,

One is to have the same jewelry, and the other is to dress up the same as others.

As long as you buy two identical ones for Claire and Elaine,

Then Elaine will face at the same time, the two unacceptable conditions.

She is greedy and unrestrained, and Charlie didn’t want her to be too proud.

So he could make her feel a little uncomfortable and correct her so that she wouldn’t get too complacent.