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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4756 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4756 Start

After Charlie was seated, Gerard stood up with the glass of wine, and said to him with great gratitude:

“Mr. Wade, everything is thanks to you today, I can’t describe my gratitude to you in words,”

“In order to express my gratitude to you. Thank you, I will do it first as a tribute!”

After saying that, before Charlie could speak, he drank all the wine in the glass in one gulp.

Charlie smiled slightly and asked him, “Is Mr. Liu satisfied with today’s affairs?”

“Satisfied, satisfied!” Gerard nodded his head like garlic, and said excitedly:

“Mr. Wade’s arrangement today gave me 100 satisfactions, 1000 satisfactions, 10000 satisfaction!”

“Oh no! It’s not satisfaction, it’s gratitude! Thank you, Mr. Wade! Mr. Wade!”

Charlie nodded and said indifferently:

“It’s best if you are satisfied, with this matter, even if everything is settled today!”

Gerard said quickly: “Yes, yes, everything is settled, and then there will be no change!”

Hogan also stood up with a glass of wine at this time, and said respectfully,

“Young Master Wade, I can return to Hong Kong and reunite with the family.”

“Thanks to your help, I will also toast to you!” He too, like Gerard, drank it all.

Charlie first clenched his fists at Gerard, and said,

“Mr. Liu, I have something to ask you to help me with.”

Gerard said flatly, “Mr. Wade, if you have any orders, just open your mouth,”

“Do you want me to go up the mountain of swords, go down to the sea of fire, I’ll never blink!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “It’s not so troublesome,”

“I just want to ask you to take care of Uncle Chen’s family in the future.”

“After all, the two of you live so close now, which is relatively more convenient.”

Gerard didn’t think about it and said: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade!”

“In the future, Hogan’s family is my family, and I will definitely take good care of them!”

He looked at Hogan and said seriously, “Hogan, if you go to the mainland to develop in the future,”

“I will take good care of your family for you! Feel free to leave it to me!”

Then, he pointed to the villa and said,

“I have already instructed that I will bear all the expenses of this villa in the future,”

“And I will also be responsible for the labor of the driver, maids, and housekeeper.”

“I’ll pay for it, and I’ll pay another million dollars a month for living expenses!”

Charlie said seriously: “Of course, you can’t make money and work for this kind of thing, so I still have to pay the money.”

Hogan said hurriedly: ” Young Master Wade, the family has been used to being frugal all their lives,”

“And they can’t use so much money at all…”

Charlie smiled and said: “It’s fine, it’s all part of your salary in the future, just let your family keep it for you.”

Hogan said nervously: “Master Wade, I’ve been running that store in Chinatown for so many years.”

“The roast goose shop has never done any serious work. If you need my old bones, I will do my best.”

“But how can I get such a high salary?”

“Just prepare a place to stay, and give me a meager salary, enough for me to live in Aurous Hill…”

Charlie said seriously: “Uncle Chen, you are someone that even my father admired very much,”

“And Uncle Gu treats you as well. They have always praised you, and I believe that their vision will never go wrong.”

After speaking, Charlie added: “What’s more, human society has developed for so many years,”

“Only science and technology are constantly developing,”

“But human nature and the whole society’s basic logic of operation has not changed,”

“As the so-called change is inseparable, I believe that you will be able to create great value.”

Gerard on the side also echoed: “Hogan, you in my life are the smartest person I have ever met,”

“I have always thought so for so many years, I believe that you will be by Mr. Wade’s side in the future,”

“And you will definitely be his right-hand man, and expand the territory for Mr. Wade’s business,”

“And I believe that Mr. Wade will definitely have the same as I have,”

“Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to put so much thought into you.”

Speaking of which, Gerard couldn’t help but sigh: “Actually, I thought a lot in bed last night,”

“And wanted to understand one thing, that is, With Mr. Wade’s strength,”

“It would have been too simple to just help you solve the troubles.”

“As long as he had said a word, the soldiers of Cataclysmic Front might make me die inexplicably.”

“Then you could naturally be able to return to Hong Kong safely,”

“And he doesn’t have to come in person at all;”

“But the reason why Mr. Wade wanted to come to Hong Kong in person must have been to help you completely open up this knot,”

“Not only to let you have no worries but also to let you realize that you are the one who dominated Hong Kong back then!”