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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4755 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4755 Start

Another media reporter said, “Gerard? How can he have such a big face? His assets are not even a far.t in front of the Fei family!”

“Could it be that she knows Hogan?! But this is even more impossible,”

“If Hogan knew someone from the Fei family, he wouldn’t have been hiding outside for so many years!”

All the media reporters turned their cameras on Stella.

One by one, waiting for her to announce her identity, both surprised and delighted.

At this time, Stella picked up the microphone and said with a slight smile:

“Thank you to all the media reporters and friends for coming.”

“I am Stella Fei, chairperson of the Fei Group,”

“And I am honored to be invited by Mr. Gerard to come to serve him and Mr. Chen’s family,”

“And preside over today’s housewarming ceremony!”

Stella’s smiling remark made all the reporters at the scene stunned.

Although everyone guessed that Stella might know Gerard,

No one thought that she could give Gerard such a face.

In her capacity as the chairperson of a trillion-dollar enterprise,

Being a VIP here has already made Gerard flourish,

But who would have guessed that she was actually invited by Gerard to make a cameo appearance,

At this housewarming ceremony moderator, in the eyes of everyone, this is really too much face for Gerard.

They know Gerard’s assets are only 1% of the Fei family’s.

Seeing the horror of these reporters, Gerard only felt an unprecedented relief in his heart.

No one does hate face, and at this time, Gerard only feels that his old face seems to have never been so bright in his life.

When Stella came forward, those reporters who originally wanted to see Gerard’s jokes

Also, put away their usual gossip attitude and began to take this housewarming ceremony very seriously.

And Stella also used her perfect eloquence and personal charm to reveal 100% what Charlie wanted her to express.

When she said that she admired Gerard and Hogan’s actions to release their previous suspicions,

The media reporters at the scene suddenly felt the same way.

At this time, when they looked at Gerard and Hogan again,

They no longer had the mentality of watching a good show,

But they really believed that the two people could still laugh with each other after 20 years,

Which is simply a story of the century.

With Stella’s threading, this housewarming ceremony became full of humanistic spirit.

The reporters on the front line sent the situation back to the headquarters.

Countless Hong Kong media also immediately wrote a large number of very positive news reports.

For a time, the whole of Hong Kong was moved by the reconciliation between the two people after 20 years.

In this way, it can be regarded as giving Gerard the best step, which greatly saves his face.

As for Hogan, he can finally live upright in Hong Kong,

And no one will try to kill him and ask Gerard for money.

And Hogan’s family not only ushered in a family reunion,

But their lives have also undergone earth-shaking changes.

In the past, because they were relatives of Hogan, they suffered all kinds of exclusion in Hong Kong.

However, starting today, this situation will take a 180-degree turn.

Charlie finally felt relieved when he saw this scene.

Help Uncle Chen come back, help him and his family establish a solid foundation in Hong Kong,

And at the same time get Uncle Chen’s promise.

In the future, there will be one more general in his business empire.

Moreover, it was still recognized by his father back then, and even a general he had appointed.

After the housewarming ceremony, Gerard arranged for his assistant Amin,

To give all the media reporters a big red envelope in the name of Hogan, which was nominally a travel and dining allowance.

After the media reporters left contentedly, Gerard arranged a sumptuous banquet in the villa.

At this banquet, in addition to Hogan’s family, there were also Gerard and Bella,

As well as his daughter Jemima.

There were also two VIP seats at the scene, reserved for Charlie and Stella.