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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4753 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4753 Start

In the face of Jemima’s good intentions, Charlie did not refuse.

Even though he is now a billionaire, he still regrets not having a full higher education.

Before, he didn’t want to spend more time reading books, but he couldn’t help himself a lot of the time.

In the few years when he married, except for sleeping time,

He basically never took off his apron, and there was no one to urge him to open a book,

So, the habit of reading, he didn’t really develop it over the years.

Since Jemima was willing to play the role of urging and guiding, Charlie naturally agreed readily.

She was very happy and said to him: “Then we have reached a consensus,”

“Remember to register an email when you have time, I will help you choose some books,”

“And then send the electronic version of the books to you by email,”

“So that you can read anytime and anywhere on your mobile phone,”

“And when you are almost done reading, I will send you some questions via email,”

“And you should try your best to answer them at that time.”

Charlie nodded and said seriously, “No problem, teacher Jemima.”

Jemima heard Charlie calling her teacher, and said with a smile,

“You are the first person to call me teacher.”

Charlie smiled and said, “Then I can be considered your first disciple.”

She asked with a smile: “Do you think I am suitable to be a teacher? I mean, a real teacher.”

“Suitable.” Charlie said very seriously: “To be a truly qualified teacher,”

“You must first learn something. You are completely in line with this point;”

“The second is to be a teacher, I believe you have no problem with that.”

After speaking, he couldn’t help sighing: “Many teachers now have lost their original intention of teaching,”

“And educating people, and they only care about chasing fame and fortune,”

“But I believe that if you become a teacher, Miss Liu, you will not be the same as them,”

“So I think if you become a teacher, you should do better than most people.”

After listening to Charlie’s words, Jemima was greatly encouraged,

And she couldn’t hide her excitement and said, “Since Mr. Wade believes in me so much,”

“I will try my best to develop in this direction in the future!”

Charlie nodded and instructed: “If you really become a teacher in the future,”

“You must remember not to forget your original intention.”

“I know!” Jemima nodded solemnly, then remembered something, and asked him,

“Mr. Wade, are you going back to the United States today?”

“Yes. Charlie said, “Going back at night.”

Jemima said reluctantly, “Then can I come to the airport to see you off?”

Charlie thought for a while, and said, “If Miss Liu wants to go, of course, I won’t stop.”

“The question is, is it just not too much trouble for you?”

“No.” Jemima said hurriedly: “I have nothing to do at night,”

“I guess my dad will definitely come over by then, in that case, I will be with you.”

Charlie Nodding: “Okay.”