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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4751 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4751 Start

The reporters flocked in following the motorcade.

The best lion dance team in Hong Kong performed the two lifelike lion dances in a dazzling manner.

The scene was extraordinarily lively.

Although Charlie has always disliked lively scenes but now seeing this scene, he is very relieved.

The thick smoke produced by the explosion of the firecrackers rose up with the strong smell of gunpowder.

This familiar but unfamiliar smell made Charlie suddenly feel refreshed.

He liked the smell of gunpowder smoke when the firecrackers burned out since he was a child,

But with the ban on fireworks and firecrackers everywhere over the years,

He has not smelled this familiar smell for a long time.

It may also be related to the Chinese people’s love of fireworks and firecrackers during festivals and events,

So every time one smells this smell, it is also a good time for a family reunion and happy events,

Especially when Charlie was young when it was New Year’s and other festivals.

His parents would take special time to accompany him to set off fireworks.

At that time, Charlie could not wait to shoot from the 30th of the new year until the 15th of the first lunar month.

So this kind of memory would also make Charlie involuntarily find the happiness that was unique to his childhood.

Charlie stood on the edge of the terrace, took a few greedy breaths, and couldn’t help thinking of his parents again.

Most of the time, he is a strong person.]

He rarely sheds tears and is never afraid. No matter how hard time life has given him, he can still live with a smile.

But only when he misses his parents, will the fragile sensitivity in his heart be exposed involuntarily.

His character is like a hedgehog with strong armor, and his parents are his soft and fragile underbelly.

He saw Hogan in a suit getting out of the car.

Hogan was wearing the same suit he had brought when he fled to the United States.

After so many years, the suit still fits perfectly. It’s white, but it looks extraordinarily energetic.

In Charlie’s mind, he suddenly remembered what his father had said to him when he was a child.

Those words were also the reason why he refused his grandfather and insisted on taking his mother back to China.

He said: “Charlie, you have to remember that anyone with a righteous heart and flesh and blood,”

“Must have three souls and seven spirits. If such a person is far away from his homeland for a long time,”

“The three souls and seven spirits will be missing one soul.”

“When you go to your homeland, the lost soul will be found naturally,”

“If you don’t return to your homeland, or if you lose your homeland, then this soul will never be found again.”

Seeing Hogan now seems to be young overnight.

At the age of ten, Charlie suddenly realized the true meaning of his father’s words.

Father had also said: “Among the three souls and seven spirits of human beings,”

“The three souls are the soul of heaven, the soul of the earth, and the soul of life.”

“The soul of heaven means homeland, the soul of the earth means parents, and the soul of life means oneself.”

“Charlie, do you know why in the long history of 5,000 years,”

“Whenever the country is in crisis or the country is lost,”

“Countless ancestors would sacrifice their lives for the country one after another?”

The young Charlie shook his head ignorantly, and asked: “Why Dad?”

Father smiled and explained: “That’s because people can lose the other two souls and seven spirits,”

“But they can’t have no heaven soul! Among the three souls and seven spirits,”

“The heaven soul is the most important because it represents a person’s highest belief,”

“A person’s belief in the homeland, the motherland, and the nation is the highest belief.”

“This is the reason why Dad chose to return to China, and why the Jews have experienced so much to get a land of their own.”

“There had many hardships, but they still had to go back to Palestine and build Israel desperately,”

“Because they, like their fathers, wanted to find their heavenly souls. They had lost their homeland.”