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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4750 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4750 Start

Stella heard this, she was a little relieved, and asked him:

“Then in what capacity do I preside over this housewarming ceremony?”

“I mean… When I introduced myself, would I say that I know Gerard,”

“Or that I knew Mr. Chen? Charlie smiled and said,

“In this matter today, Hong Kong actually wants to see Gerard’s embarrassment.”

“After all, in their opinion, Uncle Chen gave Gerard a green hat back then,”

“So they wanted to know why Gerard gave up chasing down Uncle Chen,”

“And even buying such an expensive mansion for him.”

“If you say you know Uncle Chen, they will think that Gerard was forced to give in,”

“Because Uncle Chen had your backing. Don’t let him lose face too much at his age.”

Stella nodded understandingly and said with a smile,

“Then what do you mean, do you want me to introduce myself, or do I say I know Gerard already?”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled and said: “You say that you and Gerard have known each other for a long time,”

“And this time in Hong Kong, you came to discuss cooperation with Gerard,”

“It was Gerard who specially invited you to preside over the ceremony,”

“And you also heard about him and Hogan. After the past events,”

“You felt that the relationship between the two of them was very positive, so you agreed to his request.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Actually, your tasks are only two,”

“One is to make this housewarming ceremony conclude successfully, and the other is to give Gerard more face.”

Stella nodded, smiled slightly, and said, “Mr. Wade if I am not humble if the Fei family endorses a company or individual,”

“It is equivalent to creating a huge amount of goodwill for him.”

“The one-time costs that Gerard paid to solve this matter,”

“This kind of goodwill can almost bring him a steady stream of benefits in the future,”

“So in this transaction, you may end up losing money instead.”

Charlie smiled and said, “The main purpose of my coming to Hong Kong is to solve Uncle Chen’s affairs.”

“As for whether Gerard will ultimately benefit, I won’t bother with him.”

Stella said with a smile, “I seemed to be calculating just now.”

“After thinking about it, I feel now that Gerard should be at a loss.”

Charlie asked curiously, “Why did you change your view?”

Stella said seriously: “I didn’t take Jemima into consideration just now,”

“She has already fallen in love with you, although Gerard earned the endorsement of the Fei family,”

“But he lost Jemima, and in the end, he lost more.”

Charlie said a little embarrassedly: “What you said seems like he has lost Jemima.”

“It’s like what happened to Miss Fei, I just appreciate her a little more on the basis of ordinary friends,”

“And I haven’t done anything to her, how can it be considered that Gerard has paid in the form of Jemima?”

Stella smiled slightly, and said meaningfully: “Sometimes,”

“If you are not doing something to the other party, it’s better than something actually happened.”

Charlie asked in surprise: “What does this mean?”

Stella quickly waved her hand: “I’m just talking nonsense. Mr. Wade, don’t mind.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she heard the sound of firecrackers in the courtyard of the villa,

Followed by the sound of gongs, drums, and suonas, as if the lion dance team had already started to perform.

At this time, Amin hurried in and said to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade, the convoy has arrived at the door, and they are about to come in!”

Charlie nodded and asked him, “Have Samson’s set of things been put away? ?”

Amin nodded hurriedly and said, “According to your instructions, I have put them away.”

“Okay.” Charlie smiled and said, “Miss Fei will preside over the housewarming ceremony today.”

After speaking, he looked at Stella and said, “Miss Fei, I will leave everything to you.”

Stella was surprised: “Mr. Wade, are you not going?”

Charlie smiled and said, “There are so many media reporters outside,”

“So I don’t want to show my face, so as not to be recognized.”

For Charlie, what he was worried about was if the TV media shows him, his face will be recognized by his grandmother’s family.

In the front-end time, Sara took the blood-saving pill and went to An family as his fiancée,

Which to a certain extent rekindled the An family’s determination to find him.

However, Charlie didn’t plan to recognize them for the time being.

Naturally, it is most appropriate not to attend this kind of occasion that the whole of Hong Kong was giving attention to.

Stella also understood Charlie’s original intention in making this decision, and nodded slightly:

“Okay, Mr. Wade, since that’s the case, then please rest assured and leave the matter to me, I will definitely not disappoint you!”