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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4749 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4749 Start

Some servants who came in with the doctors and nurses,

And even Gerard’s assistant, Amin, was so frightened that they were speechless.

The emergency doctor didn’t know where to start for a while,

And quickly asked Charlie who was beside him: “What’s wrong with him?!”

Charlie shrugged and said, “Mr. Yu kept a bunch of strange mosquitoes,

And then I don’t know why he was bitten by these mosquitoes,”

“You should hurry up and take him to the hospital for emergency treatment,”

“And if you delay it any longer, he will not be able to make it.”

The emergency doctor couldn’t help being a little flustered and blurted out:

“This…this…this…this is, It’s so weird… what mosquitoes can hurt people like this…”

After speaking, he quickly instructed the nurse beside him, “Quick… get people into the car!”

The ambulance roared and took Samson, who was already in a deep coma, away from the villa.

Everyone else at the scene also had lingering fears, not knowing what to do for a while.

Gerard’s assistant, Amin, knew a little about Samson,

And guessed that this guy might have raised something that was not so good,

And he himself ended up in the tragic situation just now.

And he was too lazy to take care of Samson’s life and death,

But the auspicious time was coming soon, and Gerard and Hogan’s family would also arrive at the villa.

According to the procedure, after they arrived at the villa,

They would first have a grand housewarming ceremony.

In addition to the lion dance team outside the door,

The most important thing was actually the ritual presided over by Samson.

However, before the person who was going to move to the new house arrived,

The Feng Shui master who was going to preside over the housewarming ceremony was taken away,

By an ambulance with a strange serious injury. He didn’t know how to deal with the next situation.

So he could only find Charlie and asked nervously:

“Mr. Wade…Mr. Liu and Mr. Chen will be here in a few minutes,”

“But something like this happened to Samson,”

“What should I do for the housewarming ceremony…”

Charlie said indifferently: “It’s nothing more than a celebration.”

“Whether Samson presides over it or not shouldn’t be that important, right?”

Amin said nervously: “Mr. Wade, you don’t know something…Mr. Liu,”

“He attaches great importance to today’s day. For the matter of housewarming ceremony,”

“He specially invited well-known media from all over Hong Kong.”

“Standing at the gate of the villa, hundreds of reporters are waiting to come in to watch the ceremony.”

“Without Samson, no one will host the ceremony… I’m afraid they’ll laugh at us for this…”

Charlie nodded, then looked at Stella, who was beside him,

So he had a plan and said to Amin, “I’ll solve this matter, you don’t need to worry about it,”

“The altar for the practice has to be removed from the outside,”

“And since Samson is gone, I will deal with the feng shui metaphysics this time.”

Amin had no idea at this time, and could only hope that Charlie would be able to do it properly.

After making the arrangement, he thanked him and said, “Mr. Wade, I’ll leave it to you this time!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “Okay, go ahead and do the rest first, and I’ll arrange the rest.”

Amin left with great gratitude, and Charlie came to Stella and asked,

“Miss Fei, would you like to play the role of the host temporarily?”

Stella said somewhat uncertainly: “Mr. Wade… There is nothing wrong with hosting, but…”

“Fengshui metaphysics, and the local ceremony process in Hong Kong…”

“I don’t understand… I don’t know how to host…”

Charlie waved his hand: ” If Miss Fei is the host, you don’t have to stick to the local procedures in Hong Kong,”

“You can do it as you like, I believe that with your eloquence, you will be able to host perfectly.”