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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4748 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4748 Start

Samson asked in a panic, “How is this possible…you…who are you…”

Charlie smiled and said, “I won’t hide it from you,”

“I’m the one who caused lightning to kill your father Yu Jinghai.”

Charlie’s words not only made Samson’s soul fly away but even Stella was horrified.

Samson looked at Charlie in a panic, and asked incredulously:

“My…my father…he…is he really dead?!”

Charlie nodded: “He was like you, he liked raising this kind of stuff.”

“Mosquitoes that can’t come to the table, and your master Cary Xuan liked to keep that kind of Gu insects,”

“That loved to eat human brains, so I simply eliminate the harm for the people and sent them both to hell.”

“What?! Master Xuan also…”

Samson was already desperate.

He no longer doubted what Charlie said,

Because his intuition told him that Charlie was definitely not joking with him.

However, he couldn’t care about hating Charlie anymore, he could only plead with tears on his face:

“Mr. Wade… as long as you… can spare my life…”

“I… I will never… never again… do anything wrong…”

Charlie smiled and said, “Aren’t you afraid of death, I can call an ambulance for you,”

“And the antidote just now is working in your stomach, so it won’t be a big problem for a while.”

Speaking of this, Charlie changed his words and said lightly:

“But I see the wound on your head, the toxin has begun to penetrate into the brain,”

“It is estimated that you will be unconscious soon, and then you will never wake up again.”

Samson trembled violently in fright, and he pleaded terribly:

“Mr. Wade…you…you are a person with great supernatural powers…Please raise your hand…”

Charlie shook his head and said seriously:

“The root of this kind of thing is never to beg others to give you a high hand,”

“But you have to give a high hand to others.”

“I didn’t want to bother myself with you today, but you were provocative again and again.”

“You quietly released such vicious things to attack me, and you just treated others in the same way.”

Samson cried and said, “Mr. Wade… this year… I am…”

“I’m only twenty-three years old this year…I…I don’t want to die…”

Charlie said helplessly: “Don’t want to die?”

“Why were you raising such perverted mosquitoes? Isn’t this digging your own grave?”

Samson was still thinking at the moment as he begged for mercy,

He felt a sudden sharp pain in the whole head,

And even his consciousness began to have some chaos.

Seeing his tragic state, Charlie knew that the toxin of the blood mosquito had invaded his brain,

So he took out his mobile phone and called an emergency number.

Shixun Road is worthy of being the most valuable luxury residential area in Hong Kong.

There is a sophisticated general hospital at the foot of Shixun Road.

Moreover, since the owners of Shi Xun Dao have provided sponsorship to this hospital,

The hospital has two ambulances that are reserved for Shi Xun Dao all year round.

Therefore, after Charlie called the emergency call, only six or seven minutes later,

An ambulance drove directly into the villa courtyard.

The emergency doctor and several nurses carried the stretcher as fast as possible and ran into the villa.

At this time, Samson had lost consciousness and passed out.

When these doctors and nurses saw Samson lying on the ground,

They were all frightened by the tragic situation in front of them.

Samson’s face, head, torso, and limbs were full of ulcers the size of ping-pong balls.