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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4747 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4747 Start

Seeing that Samson seemed to be on the verge of death, Charlie shook his head helplessly:

“You were not convinced that you would have a bloody disaster,”

“And now you have turned into this bird,”

“And ask me to help you end the game. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

Samson begged: “Mr. Wade… I’m here… I know I’m wrong…”

“Now… Now I just want to keep this dog’s life…”

“So I can go back to my family… …stay for a while…”

Charlie said lightly: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die, at least not now.”

“After all, today is Uncle Chen’s housewarming, it would be really unlucky if you died here.”

With that, he stepped forward, took out a packet of medicinal powder from Samson’s pocket,

And asked, “Is this the antidote?”

“Yes…” Samson nodded his head like garlic.

Charlie squeezed his mouth open and poured a whole packet of medicinal powder into it.

Samson said gratefully: “Mr. Wade’s life-saving grace… I will never forget…”

Charlie sneered and said, “Don’t thank me so early,”

“These mosquitoes just now are much bigger, the venom in the body must have increased many times,”

“And I don’t think it’s enough for your antidote to show the healing effects.”

Samson’s expression was sluggish for a moment, Charlie was right,

With this size of more than 20 giant blood mosquitoes just now,

The capacity of the venom carried is probably at least ten times higher.

And his own antidote, I’m afraid it’s really not enough.

The situation is what Charlie expected.

There is too much venom in Samson’s body, which has long exceeded the upper limit of what the antidote can handle,

So Samson’s situation has not improved significantly,

And the places where he was bitten by the blood mosquitoes have obviously appeared in a large area.

Festering, as if the wound had been rotting for days.

Samson was so frightened that he cried and said, “Mr. Wade, save me, Mr. Wade…”

Charlie smiled and said, “You wanted an antidote, I have already fed you,”

“How do you want me to help you? I have no antidote like yours.”

Samson cried and said, “Or… or call for me an ambulance…”

“If I drag it on, I will definitely die…”

Charlie smiled and said, “You are famous Yu Master,”

“Wouldn’t it be a bit embarrassing to be pulled away by an ambulance?”

Samson hurriedly shook his head and said,

“No shame, no shame… Please… Please call me an ambulance…”

At this time, he has completely lost face and dignity.

He is well aware of the tyrannical toxicity of blood mosquitoes.

Although he had taken some antidote just now,

He could only temporarily hold off the venom from spreading to his internal organs,

But his wounds are still festering at an extremely fast speed. It’s about to rot into carrion.

Therefore, at the moment, I can only hope to be saved only in the hospital.

If he can go to the hospital as soon as possible to remove all the carrion,

Do hemodialysis at the same time,

And completely block the spread of the venom, maybe he can have a life.

Charlie looked at him at this time and asked with a smile,

“Mr. Yu, you are not curious, why did the mosquitoes you raise become so big?”

Samson looked at Charlie in horror and blurted out: “You did it?!”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Yes, your mosquitoes are too small.”

“If I were you, I would be too embarrassed to take them out,”

“So I kindly helped your seedlings and encourage them to grow.”

“How is it, are you satisfied with the effect?”