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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4746 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4746 Start

Samson, who was extremely angry, sneered: “Wade, it seems that you are really ignorant.”

“Since that is the case, then I will wait for the moment when you kneel down and beg for mercy!”

After that, he turned around angrily and raised his feet to prepare to go out.

At this time, Charlie closed his eyes for a moment, and the next moment,

From the ceramic bottle placed not far away, more than 20 gigantic insects quickly flew out.

The giant wasp-like mosquitoes, each as thick as an adult’s little finger, are very scary.

One of the characteristics of these blood mosquitoes is that there is almost no movement when flying,

So Stella and Samson didn’t notice this situation.

The blood mosquito itself is surrounded by Charlie’s aura,

And did not release any bloody smell, which made Samson unable to notice it.

It was when Charlie flew them to the top of Samson’s head,

He kindly reminded: “Master Yu, beware of the big mosquito!”

Samson turned his head subconsciously,

And the more than 20 huge blood mosquitoes had already flown in front of him from a height.

Samson’s first reaction was surprise, and he thought to himself:

“Fcuk, aren’t these my blood mosquitoes?”

And his second reaction turned into a fright, and he blurted out,

“Dmn it! How did these blood mosquitoes get so big?!” There was a sharp pain in both arms and legs.

The mouthparts of these blood mosquitoes have changed from the thickness of a hair to the needles of a syringe,

Thick, long, and extremely hard.

This kind of crazy sting is even worse than the wasp sting.

Moreover, the bodies of these blood mosquitoes became larger,

And the venom in their bodies also increased exponentially,

Which immediately caused Samson to be in great pain and he fell to the ground crying.

Stella’s face was pale with fright. She grew up so big, and she had never seen such a big mosquito.

In addition, girls are very sensitive to this kind of thing,

So she subconsciously hid in Charlie’s arms and used her hands involuntarily.

She covered her face, for fear that the terrifying big mosquito would come and bite her.

Charlie felt Stella’s soft body and the refreshing fragrance on her body,

And said somewhat unnaturally: “Miss Fei, don’t be afraid,”

“These mosquitoes will not come to bite you, they only recognize master Yu.”

Stella asked nervously: “Mr. Wade, are you sure? This mosquito can recognize people?!”

“Of course.” Charlie pointed at Samson, who was crying and shouting on the ground, and said with a smile,

“If you don’t believe me, look at him.”

Stella looked carefully, and there were more than 20 terrifying big mosquitoes nailed to Samson’s body,

But each mosquito was not as thick as before but was much shriveled to the naked eye.

This is mainly because these blood mosquitoes themselves do not suck blood,

They only inject the highly poisonous rotten blood that they have absorbed into the body of the attacked person.

And now these mosquitoes have already injected all the rotten blood in the body into Samson.

Samson only felt unbearable pain all over his body, and he also felt extremely weak and swirling,

So he subconsciously went to fetch the antidote in his pocket,

But because there were many blood mosquito bites on his hand, the pain was so painful.

Without strength, even if the hand grabbed the bottle of the antidote, he would not be able to pull it out at all.

At this moment, Samson was extremely terrified. He knew that blood mosquitoes were very poisonous.

In the past, they rarely killed people because the dose was small,

But now the dose of his poisoning is already huge.

It will flow all over the body, and eventually, the poison will kill.

So, he could only look at Charlie helplessly, and begged weakly:

“Wade…Mr. Wade…Please help…Please help… ….”

Charlie smiled and said, “I said earlier that you have a bloody disaster,”

“But you didn’t believe it, do you believe it now?”

“Believe…I believe…” Samson said His face had turned pale, and even his lips had lost a trace of blood.

He felt that the signs of his poisoning were getting worse, and he seemed to be on the verge of death,

So he cried in a panic and said, “Wade…Mr. Wade. …..I…I don’t want to die, Mr. Wade…”

“I beg you…have mercy…help me get the antidote… I’ll take it… I beg you…”

Charlie asked in surprise: “Strange, why do you have a special antidote?”

“Could it be that you raised these mosquitoes?!”

Up to now, Samson didn’t dare to hide it, so he could only honestly say:

“Yes…I raised it…but…but I don’t either.” I know…don’t know why…they suddenly became…so big…”

“Mr. Wade…I’m dying. …..I kowtow to you…Please save me, Mr. Wade…”