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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4745 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4745 Start

Charlie smiled and said seriously, “Master Yu, don’t hide it.”

“You said, I am more or less able to use some feng shui techniques.”

“I see that you are nervous, you have no masters, your silkworms are black, your lips are purple,”

“And the most important thing is that your left eyebrows are knitted together and your right eyebrows are scattered.”

“You are irritable and angry, people like you are really bloody disasters!”

Samson sneered: “Boy, you are not afraid to flash your tongue when you talk big!”

Charlie said happily: “I am not talking big, you are here now.”

“I just did the math for you in my heart,”

“What you need to worry about the most right now is snakes, worms, mice, and ants!”

What is he talking about? “Snakes, worms, rats, and ants?!”

Samson frowned, feeling a little nervous all of a sudden.

What he was most afraid of was that what Charlie said actually meant something.

“Is it possible that my blood mosquito really folded in his hands?!”

“But… it shouldn’t… If my blood mosquito really died in its hands,”

“I at least can sense it. What’s more, the blood mosquito’s stomach is full of corrupt and highly toxic blood water.”

“If one were killed here, the bloody smell would only be heavier,”

“But there is no bloody smell here as if the mosquitos had no blood at all.”

“Seems they haven’t been here before…”

Thinking of this, Samson comforted himself in his heart:

“Although there must be a mistake in a certain link,”

“It should have nothing to do with this surnamed Wade!”

So he snorted coldly and looked at Charlie, “What? You said that I have a disaster of blood,”

“Did you just tell me to be careful of snakes, worms, rats, and ants?”

“Yes.” Charlie nodded and said with a smile, “Don’t underestimate these things.”

“A powerful character, I’m afraid will kill you.”

Samson said disdainfully: “You really know how to take advantage of the loopholes,”

“The weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid, there are many mosquitoes,”

“And you can’t prevent it. You say that I have a bloody disaster,”

“Could it be that caught by mosquitoes? Does it count as a bite?”

He then looked at Stella, who was beside him, and asked,

“Miss Fei, to be fair, there are so many mosquitoes in Hong Kong, and if the mosquitoes suck blood,”

“It can be considered a bloody disaster. If so, how many people in Hong Kong can escape?”

Stella said: “I believe that what Mr. Wade said is definitely not what he meant.”

Charlie on the side said seriously: “Miss Fei, I really mean this one.”

“Meaning, I just calculated for him, his bloody disaster will be caused by mosquitoes.”

Samson sneered: “There are mosquitoes everywhere in Hong Kong, what kind of bloody disaster is this?”

As he said, he remembered something, and deliberately asked Stella:

“Miss Fei, you should have seen a lot of mosquitoes in this villa, right?

“Mosquitoes? “Stella frowned and asked suspiciously,

“I didn’t see any mosquitoes here.”

Samson was even more puzzled, and he couldn’t help thinking:

“Stella has been with Charlie all the time. If she hasn’t seen any mosquitoes,”

“Then my blood mosquitoes shouldn’t be in the hands of this surnamed Wade… .”

“But where could they go? Why can’t I find any trace?”

Just when he was puzzled, Charlie smiled slightly and said seriously:

“Mr. Yu, for the sake of your father’s relationship with me,”

“If you can kneel down and kowtow three times,”

“Then I can show great mercy and help you break through this disaster!”

Dmn…” Samson cursed inwardly, “Isn’t that what I just said to him?”

“How dare this guy use my words to humiliate me?”