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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4742 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4742 Start

Stella was horrified, and then said: “So, Yu Jinghai also had some real skills.”

“How credible is Samson who said that you could have a bloody disaster?”

Charlie smiled: “His attainment is still a little short,”

“I think it’s him and not me who has a bloody disaster today.”

At this time, in the villa courtyard.

Samson lowered his head with a very sinister expression,

And took out a slender round bottle the size of a thumb from his Taoist robe.

The whole body of this round bottle is not transparent,

And it is impossible to see what is inside.

He carefully opened the lid on the top of the round bottle, and a stench suddenly came out from it.

It turned out that the bottle was filled with rotten and stinky blood.

Immediately afterward, countless tiny worms emerged from the blood,

Revealing a needle-like mouthpart that was thinner than a hair.

This kind of worm is the blood mosquito that Samson raised with the blood of the dead.

When Yu Jinghai was at the metaphysics conference,

He also released black mosquitoes that he had raised,

Any place that has been bitten by such mosquitoes will inevitably rot and fester,

And hundreds of mosquitoes will attack together, even a cow will die in a short time and turn into a pile of carrion.

However, Samson’s blood mosquito is slightly different from his father Yu Jinghai’s black mosquito.

Yu Jinghai’s black mosquitoes were specially bred to take people’s lives.

Like Cary’s natal Gu insects, they were both weapons for killing people.

And Samson’s blood mosquito, lethality is relatively softer.

After this kind of blood mosquito has been specially cultivated,

It will be completely controlled by Samson’s mind, and when they bite people,

They will not suck blood from the human body,

But will only secrete a cultured characteristic toxin into the body.

This toxin exists in large quantities in the corrupt blood of the blood mosquito,

So the mosquito is rich in this toxin. It can make the muscles all over the body weak,

The brain gets dizzy, and the reaction ability and judgment ability will be worse than usual.

More than a few can even cause a high fever and confusion.

In large enough doses, the toxin can also be lethal.

Under normal circumstances, Samson does not use this kind of blood mosquito to kill people,

But uses this kind of blood mosquito to make a trap for the target customers to hunt.

Samson will first choose a target customer, and then use the appearance as an entry point,

Claiming that the other party has a bloody disaster, and even an evil spirit leans over.

However, if the other party does not feel any discomfort in his body,

He will naturally be suspicious of his words.

Samson is not afraid of the other party’s suspicion. If the other party doesn’t believe it,

He will take the opportunity to quietly release the blood mosquitoes and let them bite the other party.

After the other party is bitten by the blood mosquito,

It will not take long for the whole person to appear in a state of confusion,

And even walking will make his legs weak and his eyes darken.

This kind of situation is very similar to the so-called evil spirit, or the feeling of a ghost on the body.

In this way, the other party will naturally think of his previous words,

And gradually begin to believe in what he said.

Moreover, people in this state are also very prone to bumping, falling,

Rolling, or car accidents, and if they are outside, they are also easily hit by other pedestrians and vehicles.

If the client is injured, it is easy to see blood, so it can correspond to the blood disaster he mentioned earlier.

After the personal experience, most customers will panic and choose a path,

Thinking that Samson is indeed a master, and chooses to unconditionally trust his words, and ask him for help at any cost.

And Samson also has a special antidote for the toxins in the blood mosquito.

Once a client asks him for help, he will first charge a huge fee and then perform a fake ritual.

At the end of the ritual, he asked the client to bring a glass of water,

And then ignited a talisman written by him on the spot,

And then sprinkled the ashes of the talisman into the water prepared by the client himself and let him drink it down.

In the process of throwing ashes in a cup, he will use the magician’s common blindness

To quietly put the antidote into the water, so that as long as the customer drinks this cup of water,

All the discomfort will be cured.

However, the client does not know that all of this is actually a trap set by him.

Because customers have personally experienced the whole process from good to bad,

And from bad to good, they will naturally think that this person is really a master,

And from then on, they will respect and regard him highly.

Samson used this method to deceive a lot of rich people in Hong Kong,

And he had already made a lot of money.

Now, he plans to use this method to set up a set for Charlie.

At this moment, he thought to himself: “As long as the surnamed Wade can see the blood,”

“And I let him kneel on the ground and beg me to help him solve the problem,”

“Stella will definitely look at me with admiration, and at the same time,”

“She will definitely be extremely disappointed with the surname Wade.”

“I have the opportunity to replace the surname Wade and become Stella’s royal Feng Shui master!”