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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 474 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 474 Start

Therefore, his future is all pinned on tonight!

Thinking of this, Ichiro, who was so excited, immediately called his father.

The paralyzed dad received his call and asked, “Ichiro, where have you been these days? Why didn’t you come to see me?”

Ichiro hurriedly said: “Dad, I am seeking medicine for you in China! I heard that there is a genius doctor in China who actually cured a patient with high paraplegia some time ago!”

“Is this true?!” Masao Kobayashi said in surprise: “Is there a magical doctor in China who can cure high paraplegia?!”

“Yes!” said Ichiro, “I have checked the records of the hospital and confirmed that the patient was really cured, and I have also been inquiring about it. The people in the hospital said that it was the Chinese genius doctor’s half a magic medicine that cures the high paraplegia patient!”

“Half a magic drug?!” Masao Kobayashi was a little bit incoherent with excitement!

During the three years he was paralyzed, life felt extremely painful.

He himself is a very famous entrepreneur and has wealth. However, he was suddenly paralyzed in bed and lost the opportunity to enjoy life. This made him feel a little miserable.

In the past few years, he has been looking for a way to heal himself, but in the world, there is no medical method that can restore the paralyzed patient to the original. Even if it is physical therapy, it is difficult for him to stand up, let alone Walk and live like ordinary people.

However, he suddenly heard his son say that Chinese genius doctors have such superb medical treatment methods, and he suddenly yearned for it!

So, he couldn’t help but exhorted excitedly: “Ichiro, even if you spend 100 million, you have to buy this magical medicine!”

Ichiro hurriedly said: “Dad, that genius doctor doesn’t know what is good or bad, and is unwilling to sell me the medicine. I am ready to do it tonight to snatch his medicine and send it to Tokyo overnight for you to take!”

As he said, Ichiro said again: “By the way, I heard that this genius doctor has more than one genius medicine. If you eat the leftovers, you can study and analyze it for our team of pharmacists. If we can crack this prescription , Then our Kobayashi Pharmaceutical is about to develop! We will definitely be able to become the world’s top pharmaceutical company with this drug! Win glory!”

“Okay! Great!” Masao Kobayashi said excitedly: “You really deserve to be my good son! You must do it beautifully for me, and do it as soon as possible!”

Ichiro hurriedly said: “Dad, don’t worry, my private jet is already waiting at Aurous Hill Airport. After the medicine is available, I will leave a few people behind, and then immediately go to Aurous Hill Airport to fly back to Tokyo, as long as my plane can go smoothly. Taking off, then no one can ever stop me!”

Masao Kobayashi said excitedly: “In this case, you will be able to arrive in Tokyo three hours after the plane takes off! I can take this magical medicine for up to four hours! Great! I finally have a chance to stand up again. Up!”

Ichiro burst into tears and said, “Father! With the blessing of Amaterasu, you will definitely enjoy endless glory and wealth in this life, and illnesses will definitely leave you!”

“This is good!” Masao Kobayashi was excited and said: “Ichiro, you must be more careful and don’t miss it. I’m in Tokyo, waiting for your good news!”

Ichiro said immediately: “Father, please rest assured, I must come back with the magic medicine and let you stand up again!”