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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4739 Free Novel

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At this time, Samson couldn’t help but ask:

“What happened later?! Do you know what happened after that?!”

Charlie smiled and said, “I heard later that your father was offended at a metaphysics conference.”

“A master of metaphysics in the mainland, when he was fighting with others,”

“Because he liked to pretend too much, he was led down by the other party, and he was split into powder with thunder.”

It was really an understatement by Charlie about his father who was struck to death by lightning,

And Samson turned pale with fright.

He couldn’t help but blurt out: “How is that possible! My father’s level of metaphysics is superb,”

“And he has never met a rival in the industry for so many years!”

“What’s more, I’ve never heard of anyone who can attract thunder, it’s just nonsense!”

“You think it’s from Hollywood. A movie? With a hammer, you can summon the thunder!”

Charlie said with a smile: “That’s the truth,”

“If you say you don’t believe it, then I have nothing to convince you.”

After speaking, Charlie said again: “Oh, by the way,”

“I have a bit of fate with you Xuanjitang.”

“I have not only met your father Yu Jinghai, but I have also met your master Cary Xuan.”

“What?!” Samson looked extremely horrified. He asked, “Have you seen my uncle Cary?!”

“Yes.” Charlie smiled and said, “He also went to Aurous Hill some time ago,”

“And as far as I know, he seems to have died in Aurous Hill too.”

“Not Possible! Absolutely impossible!” Samson said coldly:

“Senior Master Cary is extraordinary, and his technique of raising gu is superb.”

“With his strength, even if my father is in front of him,”

“He must be afraid of him by three points. Someone might be able to kill him!”

“You don’t lie here to confuse the public and frame my father and uncle’s reputation!”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders: “You are boring, I think you have never known your father’s whereabouts.”

“It’s too pitiful, so I kindly tell you the truth,”

“But you don’t believe me when I tell you, and you say that I framed your father.”

“Isn’t this how you pay for kindness?!”

Samson said sharply: “Boy, don’t stand in front of me with your slippery tongue,”

“I know what you mean, you just want to show off in front of Miss Fei,”

“But your mistake is that you shouldn’t trample on my father and my uncle in front of me!”

Charlie smiled helplessly: “You Saying that you are really ignorant,”

“I see you as an orphan, pity you with kindness and sympathy, and you still grin at me,”

“If that’s the case, then you should pretend that I didn’t say it,”

“And wait a few years to see what your father will do. He won’t come out to reunite with you.”

With that said, Charlie said to Stella, who was beside him,

“Miss Fei, why don’t we go to the villa and wait?”

“Okay, Mr. Wade!” Stella nodded respectfully, and bowed to give way to Charlie respectfully,

And said, “Mr. Wade, please first.”

“Okay.” Naturally, Charlie would not be too polite to Stella and walked toward the villa.

In fact, he didn’t want to do anything with Samson.

After all, he personally summoned a thunderbolt to kill this kid’s biological father.

People say that everything should stay on the line.

If he killed Yu Jinghai himself, there is no need to shout out about it.

However, Samson felt that Charlie slandered his father and uncle.

If he just let him go, how could he have any face in front of Stella?

More importantly, from what Stella said and did to Charlie just now,

He could see that Stella had great respect for Charlie,

Which made him guess that she must be a person who believed in Feng Shui metaphysics very much.

You know, it’s not easy to meet a client like this.

Not only is she rich, powerful, and has status, but she is also willing to spend a lot of money.

Not only is she willing to spend a lot of money,

But she also doesn’t consciously treat you as an inferior.

If you can catch such customers, you won’t have to worry about making money in your life.

Is there anything better than this?