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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4737 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4737 Start

Seeing Samson Yu’s attentive look, Stella frowned slightly,

But nodded politely and said, “How are you, Mr. Yu.”

Samson was excited to see such a high-ranking woman for the first time.

So he said flatteringly: “I didn’t expect it, it’s a great honor to meet Miss Fei here!”

After speaking, he hurriedly asked: “Miss Fei,”

“Did you come to Hong Kong this time at the invitation of Mr. Liu?

Stella nodded lightly: “Yes.” Samson said excitedly:

“I have a very close relationship with Mr. Liu.”

“Since the time of my father, Mr. Liu’s feng shui fortune has been handled by us.”

Saying that he continued: “By the way, Miss Fei, if you have any needs in feng shui fortune,”

“You can contact me at any time,”

“And I will provide you with the most professional service for free!”

Immediately, he took out from the inside of the Taoist robe a business card and handed it to Stella,

And he said respectfully, “Miss Fei, this is my business card.”

“It has the contact information below. Please keep it!”

Stella didn’t want to talk too much to Samson.

But she didn’t expect that he kept chasing and talking,

So he planned to take the business card and quickly find an excuse to leave with Charlie.

However, Charlie said to Samson at this time,

“Sorry, Mr. Yu, I am Miss Fei’s royal Feng Shui master,”

“So she may not need your professional services.”

Samson did not expect that Charlie turned out to be Stella’s Feng Shui master.

Originally, he wanted to take this opportunity to get close to someone like Stella,

And try to be her feng shui master,

But he didn’t expect that the young man with her was actually his comrade,

And he had already taken the big boat of Stella first.

Samson, who was depressed in his heart, couldn’t help frowning and ask,

“You gentleman, I don’t know who you are and what faction do you learn from?”

Feng Shui metaphysics is most about inheritance.

Generally speaking, there are six sects of feng shui,

And people in this field must have acquired the relationship with teachers and teachings from these six sects.

Therefore, only those who have a clear teacher’s inheritance can show their strength in the field of Feng Shui.

If there is no clear teacher’s inheritance, they will not be recognized at all in this field.

It’s like a pilot who wants to fly a plane,

He must study in a professional flight school and obtain a pilot license.

If he doesn’t have a degree and a license,

No one will want to fly in the plane he takes,

No matter how strong the flying skills are.

It is precisely because of this that when people in the field of feng shui meet,

They must first ask about the relationship between the teachers and the school of thought.

Charlie smiled slightly at this time and said,

“I don’t have a teacher, but I often watched TV and read novels in the early years,”

“And learned some feng shui knowledge.”

Samson was dumbfounded, and blurted out:

“You don’t even have a teacher,”

“And you dare to show Feng Shui to the distinguished Miss Fei, aren’t you a scam?!”

As soon as Samson said these words, Charlie was not angry,

But Stella became angry first, she sternly said with a cold face:

“Mr. Yu, please pay attention to your words, Mr. Wade is not for you to judge!”