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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4735 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4735 Start

And stand on the platform for Gerard. She was a little puzzled,

And after holding it all the way, she couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Wade wants me to endorse Gerard?”

Charlie looked at her and said with a slight smile,

“You are the smartest woman I have ever met, so you understand my point of carrots and sticks right?”

Stella smiled slightly and said,

“I understood the strategy of combining favor with power when I was very young,”

“But I always feel that Gerard has already been slapped honestly by you,”

“So it is not a matter of giving him carrots,”

“What’s real is, it’s not me who cares, with the size of the Fei family,”

“To endorse Gerard is like giving him a huge farm of carrots.”

Charlie was slightly startled and then smiled somewhat unnaturally:

“I haven’t thought about this too carefully,”

“I just think his performance is acceptable, and it’s okay to encourage him.”

Stella looked at Charlie, smiled, and said:

“In fact, you understand in your heart that the reason why you are open to him,”

“And even give him a generous gift, is mainly because of Miss Jemima, right?”

Charlie was a little embarrassed at first, but he felt that he was not paying attention.

In front of Stella, there is no need to cover up too much,

So he nodded generously and admitted: “There is indeed a reason for this,”

“Because I concealed something from her before, so I felt a little bit sorry.”

Stella nodded and smiled. Said: “Miss Jemima actually likes you very much.”

“She felt very sad to know that you are married. She cried like that in the snack street last night,”

“Not because she dropped her phone, but after hearing about your marriage. She couldn’t accept it for a while.”

Charlie asked in surprise, “Did she tell you?”

Stella smiled and said, “I can see it without her telling me, maybe you just didn’t see it.”

After speaking, Stella said again:

“But think about it, why is Miss Jemima also the eldest lady from a wealthy family,”

“She has been used to seeing everything since she was a child,”

“How could she cry like that because of a mobile phone?”

“A girl like her, who was born in kind has already reached the realm of not being happy with things.”

“Unless it is something of great significance to her,”

“She will never put a material product like a mobile phone that to heart,”

“No matter how expensive it is.”

“This is…” Charlie muttered softly. In his mind,

Jemima couldn’t help crying last night, and his heart suddenly throbbed.

Charlie couldn’t talk about liking this girl, but he did feel a little distressed.

Her father cheated since she was a child, and it is well known in the city that her mother passed away in pain.

With Gerard as a father, it may be more difficult than Warnia who lost her parents early.

After all, this guy is not a fuel-efficient lamp.

It is precisely because of this that Charlie feels so guilty towards her.

When he thought of how she cried out of control yesterday, he felt even more sorry in his heart.

Seeing that Charlie was silent, Stella couldn’t help but tease:

“Mr. Wade, you owe so much peach blossom debt, how are you going to repay it in the future?”

Charlie shook his head: “I don’t know…”

He really didn’t Know.

It is said that it is the hardest to accept the grace of a beautiful woman, and Charlie agreed.

It’s not that he can’t feel the affection of many girls for him,

But he just doesn’t know how to respond.

After all, he was a married man, and he didn’t even know how to deal with Sara,

Whose parents and his parents were matchmakers, let alone other girls.

Seeing that Charlie’s expression was a little dazed, Stella said with a smile,

“You don’t need to worry too much, after all, you don’t have to worry about having too much debt.”