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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4734 Free Novel

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Bella also lowered her head in frustration.

This son is really not very promising. It’s okay if he doesn’t like to study.

The key is that he is stupid. He invited the best teacher in Hong Kong to teach him at home,

But he still couldn’t learn.

Judging from his situation, there is basically no hope of anything.

Moments later, Gerard’s motorcade entered Sham Shui Po.

The all-Rolls-Royce team formed an extremely strong contrast with the dilapidated streets of the area.

Almost all the residents stuck their heads out from the narrow windows,

And stared dumbfounded at this endless line of the luxury motorcade.

In a place like Sham Shui Po, such an incredible sight has not been seen for decades.

As a result, many people took out their mobile phones to shoot,

And at the same time published this content on social media.

The convoy quickly arrived in front of the Chen family’s old house.

In the dilapidated room, Hogan, along with his mother,

Younger siblings and several other members were already waiting.

When the convoy arrived at the door,

Hogan’s younger sister looked at the luxury convoy below through the window, and asked nervously,

“Brother, do we need to go out to meet them?”

Hogan shook his head and said lightly, “Today, there are two purposes.”

“The first is to be equal to them, and the second is to be indifferent between the concepts of honor and shame.”

His sister nodded in understanding.

She simply felt that it might be inappropriate not to go out to meet Gerard,

A well-known rich man, who has come to their home to pick up her family in person.

However, for Hogan, he doesn’t want his family to lose a head in front of Gerard from today.

Even though Gerard is a billionaire, he still hopes that,

This family can maintain their dignity in front of Gerard.

At this time, Gerard had already stepped through the door.

As soon as he entered the door, he shouted loudly outside the door:

“Hogan, Auntie, I’m here to pick you up!”

Hogan opened the door, and said politely, “Thank you, Mr. Liu, for coming here yourself.”

Gerard hurriedly smiled: “Oh, it’s not a big deal, not a big deal at all!”

He walked into the door, looked at the old lady,

Bowed slightly and asked, “Auntie, are you all ready?”

Although the old lady was a little nervous, she thought of her eldest son.

With the two purposes just mentioned, she said,

“Thank you Mr. Liu for your concern, we are ready.”

Gerard smiled and said, “Everything should be done on time.”

After saying that, he pointed to the outside and said,

“The car has already been taken care of. Are you ready to leave?”

“How much luggage do you have? If there is more, I will ask someone to come and help!”

“No need.” The old lady smiled and said,

“Hogan reminded everyone last night to prepare less luggage, so basically Just one suitcase per person.”

Gerard nodded again and again: “It’s right to carry less things,”

“I told my subordinates last night to go to the department store under my name overnight and replace all the daily necessities in there,”

“And we have prepared a lot of stockpiles, you all just need to pack your bags and check in!”

He looked at the time and said to Hogan,

“Hogan, we are about to set off, don’t delay the auspicious time,”

“And Mr. Wade and Miss Fei have already arrived, it’s not good to keep them waiting too long!”

Hogan nodded cheerfully: “Okay, let’s go!”

At this moment.

Charlie and Stella had already left the hotel and were on their way to Shi Xun Dao.

Stella knew that Charlie hoped that she would give a speech at the housewarming ceremony today.