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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4733 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4733 Start

For the sake of Jemima’s face, Charlie intended to give Gerard some help.

Without this, Gerard will definitely be the object of ridicule of all the people in Hong Kong in the future.

But a little nudge will be enough to leave a positive sense and dampen the recent grievances.

Moreover, Stella is here anyways, and it is not a bad idea to use her to give him some support.

Gerard was still worried about the possibility of being ridiculed by the whole of Hong Kong next,

Suddenly hearing Charlie’s words, the whole person immediately as if hit by an adrenaline pump,

Excited incomparably, he asked: “Mr. Wade …… you …… you are serious?!”

Charlie faintly said: “Do I have to call you early in the morning to tease you?!”

Gerard’s tears were about to fall, and his voice even trembled:

“Wade…Mr. Wade…Thank you so much! You…you are…just my savior…”

Charlie smiled: “Mr. Liu, you don’t have to thank me in such a hurry,”

“It is also for Miss Jemima’s face I am giving you an opportunity to reshape your image,”

“If you take good care of it, the incident from that year may not be a reason for shame,”

“But will become your shining point.”

Before, Gerard must have felt that Charlie was mocking him and was wearing a green hat.

How could he be a shining point?

However, hearing Charlie say this now, he feels that what he said is simply the truth.

He couldn’t help but ponder in his heart: “Dmn, although the fact of wearing a green hat can’t be changed,”

“If I really do the public relations as Charlie said, maybe it will really become a huge shining point!”

“Everyone knows that I retaliate with virtue,”

“So my character and personality in front of the public will really go straight to the top and to the end!”

Thinking of this, he immediately said respectfully:

“Mr. Wade, thank you for thinking so much about me! I will definitely seize this opportunity!”

Charlie snorted and said, “Okay, go get busy, I’ll wait for you at Shixun Road.”

Gerard quickly and respectfully said, “Okay, Mr. Wade, thank you, Mr. Wade!”

After hanging up the phone, all the haze in his heart was swept away,

And he was waving his fists in the car excitedly,

And the whole person was even more excited and grinned.

Bella, who was on the side, didn’t understand why he became so excited in an instant and quickly asked:

“Darling, what’s wrong with you? What did the surnamed Wade tell you?”

Gerard subconsciously shouted angrily: “B!tch! How can you do this? Why disrespectful?”

“You want to say, surname Wade! Or Master Wade!”

Bella muttered a little aggrievedly: “You just said that the surnamed Wade was a malefic star,”

“And now you are talking about me calling him…”

“That was just now!” Gerard said with a look on his face reverently said:

“After today, Young Master Charlie will be my reborn parent!”

He said excitedly, “If everything today goes well,”

“Not only will I be able to take off the green hat that I have worn for more than 20 years,”

“But I will also be able to get the people’s admiration in Hong Kong!”

“More importantly, Miss Fei came forward to endorse me,”

“And I will not be what I used to be in the future!”

Bella exclaimed, “Miss Fei is going to endorse you?!”

“Yes!” Gerard exclaimed excitedly: “This time it is really a desperate situation!”

“Thanks to Mr. Wade’s kindness, for Jemima’s face, he gave me a hand!”

After speaking, he couldn’t help saying excitedly: “Oh! Jemima! Jemima is my hero!”

“These days, rather than spending money to give birth to a son, who just makes me angry and causes trouble for me,”

“It’s better to have a daughter! It’s better to have a daughter! It’s all about making money!”

Bella couldn’t help complaining: “You used to complain that you didn’t have a son,”

“But now I have given you a son and you said this now…”

Gerard said seriously: “To be honest, our stinky boy, I knew when I saw him that he would definitely not be successful in the future.”

“Dmn, in elementary school, he didn’t even get through 20 in 100 exam papers.”

“There will be ghosts in the future!”