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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 473 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 473 Start

After explaining Orvel, Charlie called Issac again.

As soon as the call was made, he immediately asked him: “After Ichiro succeeds tonight, he will definitely escape from China in the shortest time, so you must set up a net in Aurous Hill. Anyone can run within his group, except He can’t run!”

Issac said immediately: “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade I have all arranged. If this Ichiro runs away, he will meet you!”

After that, Issac promised: “The medicine that Ichiro robbed, I also promised by the head that they will never be taken out of China!”

“Don’t!” Charlie said hurriedly: “All I want is to let them take the medicine away. Remember, medicine can leave China, and doglegs can leave China, but Ichiro must not leave China!”

Issac hurriedly said, “Mr. Wade I understand! Don’t worry, Ichiro will not escape!”

“Okay!” Charlie smiled slightly, and said: “After catching Ichiro, just find me a hidden place to take care of him, and I will meet him in person!”

“OK Master!”


Ichiro didn’t know, at this time there was already an invisible big net, tightly covering his head.

At this time, he was sitting in a Maybach sedan, which was parked opposite to the Clinic, and several of his men were already hidden around the door of the Clinic, ready to touch in at any time.

His father, Masao Kobayashi, has been bedridden and paralyzed for three years. In the past three years, his father has been investigating him, and his younger brother Jiro, according to his father, whoever made great contributions to Kobayashi Pharmaceutical, can inherit his president position.

His younger brother Jiro, himself an expert in pharmaceutics, has been studying Kampo for many years, so in the past few years, he has created a lot of Kampo medicines for his family. The sales are very good, so he is highly regarded by his father.

In contrast, Ichiro is a bit sad. He is not a student of pharmacy, but of finance. This kind of person is more suitable for real estate and can blow bubbles in various ways, but it is really a bit for medicine. Doesn’t match well.

For things like medicine, it is necessary to rely on real good medicines to open the market.

If you have a magic drug, you can make a lot of money just by relying on the word of mouth of consumers.

But if your medicine is ineffective, no amount of advertising will work. Consumers will never use it again after using it once.

Therefore, his brother Jiro has a much greater chance of success in the family than his eldest son.

As a last resort, he came to China to participate in the China traditional medicine Expo, in order to see if he could also discover some good Chinese prescriptions, and bring them back to the family for use. If he could make a remarkable achievement, he would have a chance. Take the initiative.

When he heard at the exposition that the Chinese genius doctor Tianqi had cured a high paraplegia some time ago, his whole body suddenly became excited.

If you can get this prescription, then you will not only restore his father, but also bring huge business opportunities to the family! It is even possible for Kobayashi Pharmaceutical to grow and develop several times, dozens of times!