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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4729 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4729 Start

In response to Hogan’s analogy, the old mother immediately understood what was at stake.

It also allowed her to fully surrender her worries about her son’s safety in the future.

The woman exhaled a sigh of relief and added,

“Since that’s the case, then mom has nothing to worry about.”

After saying that, she asked with some uncertainty,

“Hogan, do we have to move to the villa Gerard has given us tomorrow?”

Hogan nodded and said seriously, “Of course, we are going, this is Young Master Wade’s arrangement,”

“And Gerard is only following Young Master Wade’s instructions, to be exact,”

“The villa we are moving to tomorrow is the one given by Young Master Wade.”

After saying that, he looked at his mother, as well as his younger brother and sister, and spoke,

“Shi Xundao’s villas are all very large, certainly enough for a large family to live together,”

“So we all need to pack up individually tonight, and move there first thing in the morning.”

The two sisters looked at each other, the younger sister opened her mouth and asked,

“Brother …… We too move there …… Is it suitable?”

Hogan knows what his sisters think, they must feel that they are already married daughters,

Usually going back to the mother’s family to visit, and help with a natural problem is the norm.

But moving back to live in the mother’s family is certainly not appropriate at all.

And for his two sisters, life is also a little bit hard, and the living conditions at home are not good,

In Hong Kong, it can only be considered slightly better than the most miserable bottom-class people not more than that.

So, Hogan looked at his two sisters and said with a smile,

“Elder brother was away for so many years,”

“I would like to get close to him, if you don’t mind big brother, I can move my family over, so that we all live together.”

Hogan sighed lightly and said seriously, “In the past twenty years,”

“I, as an elder brother, owe you guys too much,”

“And whatever this family has today is all thanks to your dedication.

The two sisters looked at each other and tears came out of their eyes.

When Hogan saw them crying, he said,

“Oh, you two, I don’t know how many times you’ve cried today, that is more than enough, time for preparations”

The old lady was in an extraordinarily cheerful mood and said to her two daughters with a smile,

“Listen to your big brother!”

The two of them nodded gently and left the cramped old house of the Chen family with their respective husbands.

Azur was so happy to know that he was moving to a big villa tomorrow that he couldn’t contain himself,

And busily began to pack his things together with his wife.

There is a visible smile on Hogan’s face as he watched the two of them get busy and felt a lot of emotions in his heart.

At the moment he came out of customs, his wish was to die as good as possible,

So that the police would not scare his family when they notified them to collect his body.

But now, all worries are solved, not only he is reunited with his family,

Even the standard of living has gone up a great deal.

And the most important thing is that his mother was lucky to wake up after a walk through the ghost gate.

Everything, everything is going in the best direction.

Thinking of this, he took out his cell phone and made a call to Charlie.

At the other end of the phone, Charlie was sitting in Stella’s car,

And when he saw that it was Hogan calling, he said very politely, “Uncle Chen.”

Hogan said gratefully, “Young Master Wade, I’m really thankful to you for all this.”

Charlie said blandly, “Uncle you’re so polite,”

“You are an elder and a friend of my father, these are all things I should do.”

Hogan was silent for a moment and said seriously, “Young Master Wade if you don’t mind,”

“From now on, Hogan Chen’s life is yours, whatever you need, I will do my best and die for you!”