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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4728 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4728 Start

Now if Hogan accepts this villa, it is not that Hogan owes others favor, but that he owes Hogan favor.

Because, the meaning of Hogan’s words is already obvious.

Even if he took over this villa, it was just a favor for Gerard.

Otherwise, if Gerard is not good at dealing with Charlie, then the trouble will be big.

Gerard also accepted it. He knew that this was a loss-making business, and he simply paid for it in the end.

So, he sighed and said to Hogan: “Hogan, you should do me a favor and take this villa.”

“If it is convenient tomorrow, I will hold a housewarming ceremony for you and wait for your family to settle down.”

“So once you settle down down, it’s time for me to go to Eastcliff…”

Hogan nodded slightly, he also knew that the nodding was over,

So he took the file over from Gerard and said, “In that case, I thank Mr. Liu for his kindness!”

Suddenly thanking Gerard made Gerard feel that he had done all the hard work.

At this moment, he sighed, patted Hogan on the shoulder, and said sincerely,

“Hogan, I have figured it out with the master, tomorrow at 9:58 is auspicious time,”

“I will bring a car to pick you up in advance, nine o’clock Fifty-eight comes in on time!”

Hogan clasped his fists: “Then it’s hard for Mr. Liu to arrange it.

“No problem at all,”

Bella finally let go of her dangling heart. Not only that, but deep down in her heart,

There was a bit of uncontrollable excitement and happiness.

When she decided to leave the United States without saying goodbye, she had already made her own choice,

And now she is very relieved to see that her former lover can finally be reunited with his family.

Originally, she was not only worried about Hogan’s safety, but also worried that Hogan’s return would reveal Gerard’s scar,

So that the separation between herself and Gerard will become even heavier.

But she didn’t expect that Charlie’s appearance made a huge change in things.

Now, not only has Hogan’s troubles been properly resolved,

But even Gerard’s attitude towards her has changed a lot.

If she strikes while the iron is hot, and accompanies Gerard to Waderest Mountain in Eastcliff for three months,

Gerard may truly regard her as his other half.

It seems that the whole thing dragged on for twenty years before it finally came to an end, but she unexpectedly became the biggest winner.

Gerard’s task was completed, and his tense nerves were finally relieved. At this moment, he wiped the sweat on his forehead and said to Hogan,

“Hogan, I won’t disturb your family reunion so late, tomorrow morning, I will I will come in person!”

Hogan nodded and sent Gerard and Bella to the door.

After sending the two away, he returned home.

The younger siblings could see that they were very excited, but the old mother was a little worried.

Hogan stepped forward and said with a smile, “Mom, you don’t have to frown.”

“Today’s affairs are arranged by Young Master Wade. We just need to act according to his wishes. You don’t need to worry about the rest.”

The old lady listened . At this point, his nervousness eased a little, and he said,

“I’m worried that Gerard is hiding a knife in his smile.”

“If he wants to harm you in the future, Mom is afraid that you will be in danger…”

Hogan smiled and comforted: “Mom, Young Master Wade is very talented and his strength is unfathomable,”

“Gerard will never have any crooked thoughts again.”

Speaking of this he asked her, “Do you know why I took Bella to the United States back then?”

The old lady subconsciously said, “It’s not that Gerard has spoken to the outside world and wanted to kill you…”

Hogan nodded. He opened his mouth and said, “If Young Master Wade also tells the public to kill him,”

“He will definitely run faster than me, and the gap between him and Young Master Wade is even bigger than the gap between me and him back then… “