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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4726 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4726 Start

Hogan smiled and said: “With such a little money, you can buy a car at most in Hong Kong.”

“Your big brother has no ability. You can rest assured. I am now enough to feed the whole family, and I am not hungry.”

“Useful, in the future, if Young Master Wade looks down on me, I will be satisfied with my food and accommodation.”

“If Young Master Wade does not need me, I will simply set up a stall in Sham Shui Po to sell roast goose,”

“And then I will find you to get some capital, you treat it as safekeeping for the eldest brother.”

The old lady also said at this time: “Azu, since your eldest brother said it, you can take the money,”

“Your eldest brother did not come back, this family listens to me, and now your eldest brother is back, this family will listen to your eldest brother.”

Azur has admired eldest brother since he was a child, knowing that eldest brother is a man of great ability and great wisdom,

When he heard this, he nodded and said firmly: “Okay mom, In the future, I will listen to elder brother!”

The old lady nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile:

“Your brother has come back and our family is finally reunited, and the conflict between him and Gerard has already been settled,”

“And there should be no one in Hong Kong in the future to bother us.”

“It’s hard for our family, you two brothers work together, we will definitely turn our salted fish over!”

Hogan knew that his family must have been bullied and excluded by people all these years in Hong Kong, and he felt extremely guilty.

Just as she was about to say something, she suddenly heard a familiar voice from outside: “Is Auntie at home?”

The old lady said in surprise, “Oh, it’s Miss Fang!” She hurriedly walked over to open the door.

Bella did not expect that it was the old lady who took the initiative to open the door, and she said in surprise,

“Auntie, are you okay? I went to the hospital just now, and the people at the hospital said you were missing,”

“And they said you didn’t even go through the discharge procedures, so I quickly came here to ask about you.”

The old lady smiled and said, “Miss Fang, thank you for your hard work, I’m all right now,”

“Hogan brought back a medicinal pill, and I am all fine after eating it.”

Gerard beside her was shocked when he heard it, and thought to himself:

“The person who secretly investigated the Chen family told me two days ago, saying that this old woman won’t live for a few days,”

“Why is she suddenly okay? Could it be the medicine she mentioned? Charlie gave it to her, right?”

At this time, the old lady also noticed Gerard next to Bella, so she became nervous and blurted out,

“You…what are you doing…haven’t you already made up your mind with my family and Hogan? …”

Gerard said with an apologetic smile: “Auntie, I came here to apologize to you and Hogan.”

“I was wrong in the past, but now I have deeply realized my mistake and apologize to Hogan and you.”

“The hurt I have caused, so I sincerely hope that you and Hogan will give me a chance to reform…”

Hogan was caught off guard, and quickly said,

“Mr. Liu, what happened before, this morning. Haven’t we already said it some time ago?”

“You and I both have had something wrong,”

“So let’s turn this matter over, don’t worry about who is right and who is wrong.”

Gerard said heartily, “Dmn, you think I want to talk to you again. Care about these?”

“I came here because Charlie forced me to come, otherwise, I really don’t want to see you for a second!”

Although he was unhappy in his heart, he said very humbly:

“Hogan, I know you have a lot of matters and don’t want to care about me, but this matter is my fault first,”

“Causing you to be displaced to the United States for 20 years.”

“I feel really sorry for this, so please give me a chance to make amends!”

Hogan was a little puzzled, but he said very politely: “Mr. Liu, you really don’t need to make up for me,”

“I have never blamed you from the beginning to the end, you can let me go.”

“Let me come back to be reunited with my family, I am very, very content with that!”

Gerard turned around and stretched out his hand towards Bella who was beside him.