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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4723 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4723 Start

Charlie bought back the phone case, and the episode of the phone was turned over,

But he didn’t understand the reason why Jemima burst into tears for that.

At this time, the vendors in the snack street showed their extremely hospitable qualities,

Filling the table of three people with all kinds of delicious snacks.

So, the three of them tacitly put the incident behind them and chatted while eating.

Halfway through eating, Jemima looked up at Charlie and asked him,

“Mr. Wade, when are you going to go back?”

Charlie said casually, “Tomorrow night, I wonder if your dad has solved the problem of the villa next door,”

“If so. , I can go back tomorrow after Uncle Chen’s family moves in.”

Jemima felt a little disappointed, and couldn’t help asking him,

“Mr. Wade doesn’t plan to spend a few more days in Hong Kong?”

“No.” Charlie smiled slightly, and said: “My wife is still waiting for me in the United States,”

“So I can’t delay for too long here.”

Since she had accepted the fact that Charlie had a wife, Jemima’s expression did not change much.

She just nodded lightly and asked: “Mr. Wade came from the United States,”

“I thought you came from the mainland.”

Charlie smiled and said, “I was in the mainland before,”

“But my wife went to the United States some time ago.”

“She is participating in a training, so I went with her,”

“And when the training is over, I will go back to the mainland.”

Jemima nodded, seeming to think for a while, and then asked Stella,

“Miss Fei and Mr. Wade can go back together.”

Yes.” Stella nodded and said, “I will take a plane back with Mr. Wade, and we can chat on the way.”

Jemima nodded slightly, the question that she was thinking about has been decided at this moment,

So she smiled slightly and said softly: “Then I wish you a safe journey in advance.”

“If you have time to come to Hong Kong in the future, you must contact me as soon as possible.”

Charlie and Stella naturally agreed, but Charlie knew in his heart that,”

“If he had nothing to do in the future, he should not come to Hong Kong again.

For Jemima, a girl whose life experience resonated somewhat with him,

Charlie actually had a good impression in his heart for her.

However, his own subconscious is also very clear that he now owes more than one peach blossom debt.

Sara, Warnia, Nanako, these girls have all expressed their hearts to him very clearly,

So for him when dealing with other girls,

He will involuntarily keep a little distance from them.

Take Stella as an example, if he didn’t need her help,

He wouldn’t take the initiative to contact her.

As for Jemima, Charlie just hoped in his heart that she could live a good life in the future,

Help her keep this snack street that is of great significance to her,

And leave her with a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving pill that can save her life at a critical moment.

The intersection of the two is for this long and that’s it.

After eating, seeing that it was already nine o’clock in the evening, Charlie said to Jemima,

“It’s getting late, we have been here for too long and Miss Liu should go back to rest early.”

Jemima nodded and asked him And Stella: “How do Mr. Wade and Miss Fei get back to the hotel?”

“Do you want me to drive you over?”

Stella smiled and said, “I’ll drive, I’ll take Mr. Wade back.”

Jemima nodded lightly, a little uneasy. She said to Charlie,

“Mr. Wade, I will rest at home tomorrow.”

“If you come to the housewarming ceremony of Uncle Chen’s new house, you can find me at that time.”

“Okay.” Charlie agreed and said, “Then contact me tomorrow.”

Then, the three left the snack street and came to the parking lot.

Charlie sat in the Rolls-Royce driven by Stella, while Jemima sat in her Tesla.