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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4720 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4720 Start

Jemima was shocked and asked her:

“You only know Charlie for a month or two, how do you know him so well?!”

Stella laughed and said: “Who told me to be smart, I have to ask him the bottom line,”

“And the deeper I dig, the deeper I get.”

After speaking, she smiled again and said, “Sometimes being too smart is not a good thing,”

“I know when he likes Nanako. , just like you, I was sad all day.”

Jemima was even more puzzled: “Miss Fei, how did you know?”

Stella smiled and said: “Let’s reason.”

After speaking, Stella said in a succinct manner: “First of all, as far as I know,”

“Ito Nanako was seriously injured during the Aurous Hill competition.”

“The media once said that her life was in danger. Even if she survives,”

“She may have to be bedridden for the rest of her life. This is the first clue;”

“Secondly, Charlie left the country for Japan shortly after Ito Nanako was injured and returned to China.”

“On the bright side, he went to incorporate Kobayashi Pharmaceutical,”

“But soon after in Tokyo, a series of extremely serious assassination incidents occurred,”

“And several big families were red-eyed. Even Ito Nanako’s father, Ito Yuhiko,”

“He too almost died in the chaos, but do you know what’s interesting?”

Jemima was puzzled. “What is it?”

Stella said seriously: “It’s interesting that so many people died in several major families in Japan,”

“And one of them has been exterminated, and Ito Yuhiko was also amputated because he was seriously injured.”

“But, after that, the seriously injured Nanako Ito recovered miraculously, and even took over the Ito family, guess why?”

Jemima shook her head: “I can’t guess, is it a medical miracle? Stella smiled:

“How can there be so many medical miracles… The one who really has medical miracles is Charlie!”

“He has two invaluable medicinal pills, one is called Rejuvenation Pill, and the other is called Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill,”

“The latter can cure hundreds of diseases and thousands of injuries,”

“The former is even more incredible, and can even make people twenty years younger.”

Jemima asked in surprise, “Is there really such a magical medicine?”

“Of course.” Stella said seriously: “A rejuvenation pill can’t be bought for 300 billion US dollars.”

“Although the Blood Dispersing Heart Saving Pill is less valuable,”

“It is also invaluable to those who need it. Ito Nanako could recover miraculously.”

“There is only one possibility, and that is that Charlie cured her.”

Speaking of this, Stella said with envy on her face:

“I don’t know where Ito Nanako is, but I know that she in Charlie’s heart, must be very important.”

While Jemima was shocked, she suddenly remembered something.

So, she subconsciously took out the powerful pill that Charlie gave her from her handbag,

Handed it to Stella, and asked, “Miss Fei, what kind of medicine do you think this is?”

Stella looked at it. When she arrived at the small wooden box in her hand,

She felt like she was struck by lightning, and blurted out,

“This…is this a rejuvenation pill?! Miss Liu, you…where did you get it?!”

Jemima said truthfully: “Before I came here for dinner with Charlie.”

“It happened to be my birthday on the lunar calendar.”

“I just casually talked to Charlie and asked him to give me a birthday present.”

“He took out this pill and gave it to me and asked me to take good care of it,”

“And told me, if I get seriously ill or injured in the future, I will take it out and eat it…”

Stella was stunned for a long time, and suddenly said:

“So, this should be a Blood Dispersing Heart Saving pill to save the heart. Now …”

As she said that, she looked into Jemima’s eyes, and said with a very complicated expression:

“Miss Liu, Charlie should really care about you…”

“You may not know that this medicinal pill is something that countless people can’t ask for. …”

“Even when my grandfather was dying, I knelt on the ground and begged him,”

“But I only got half of it for my grandfather…”