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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4718 Free Novel

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Charlie Wade Novel Chapter 4718 Start

Stella continued “So, I will definitely confess to my other half without hesitation,”

“And tell him frankly that I’m in love with someone else,”

“This is not only respect for him, but also for respecting myself.”

After speaking, Stella added: “Of course, this kind of thing must conform to the basic principles in the process.”

“For example, I will never ride a donkey if I am looking for a horse,”

“Nor will I keep my boyfriend steady if he took it as the bottom line,”

“And go after the person I really liked. After I succeeded,”

“I kick my boyfriend away, or if failed, pretended that nothing happened and go back to my boyfriend.”

“I would first tell my boyfriend clearly, After breaking up with him completely, I will go after that person;”

“Also, if that person also has his other half, I won’t seduce him by rude means,”

“I’ll just do my best to show my best side in front of him.”

“He falls in love with me, and he is also willing to break up with the other party like me,”

“Openly and honestly, and then stay with me, so what am I doing wrong here?”

“Open and honest…” Jemima couldn’t help but softly repeated these two words.

Then, as if she had figured out something, she blurted out,

“Miss Fei, you’re right… It’s not wrong to fall in love with someone else,”

“But being open and honest is the most important thing…”

Stella pointed at her, nodded, and asked with a smile,

“How is it, do you still feel wronged now?”

Jemima pursed her lips and said softly,

“I’m still wronged…but it’s better than before…”

Stella sighed softly and said with a smile: “Oh if you feel wronged and can’t control your liking for Charlie,”

“Then you must adjust your mentality because you have too many competitors,”

“And each of them is not strong enough. As Ms. Fei, I can’t even rank here.”

After speaking, Stella asked her, “Do you know why ISU Shipping seems to be a joint venture,”

“Between the Japanese Ito family and the Chinese Su family,”

“But Charlie is the biggest one, the real boss?”

Jemima shook her head and asked blankly, “Why?”

Stella said, “Because Ito Nanako of the Ito family just came forward,”

“To hold 51% of the equity of ISU Shipping on behalf of Charlie, Nanako you should know her, right?”

“Yes…” Jemima nodded: “When Ito Nanako participated in the Sanda competition,”

“She was very famous. It is said that she is a Yamato Nadeko recognized throughout Japan…”

Stella smiled and said,

“This Yamato Nadeshiko recognized throughout Japan, she is actually one of our competitors.”

“Ah?!” Jemima subconsciously exclaimed: “She also loves Charlie?”

“More than love.” Stella chuckled

She saw Jemima’s surprise, and continued to smile:

“Don’t be so surprised, another shareholder of ISU Shipping,”

“Zhiyu Su of the Chinese Su family, do you know her?”

“I know… ..” Jemima’s eyes widened: “Miss Fei, are you trying to tell me that she too likes Charlie…”

Stella said with an unsurprising smile,

“Strictly speaking. One point, it should be said that Zhiyu and her half-sister Ruoli both like Charlie,”

“And Ruoli is now Charlie’s confidant.”

“Ah?!” Jemima blurted out with a flustered expression and said:

“Charlie has cheated on his wife with Ruoli?!”

Stella shook her head and said, “That’s not what I meant,”

“Ruoli is now a member of Cataclysmic Front, Charlie’s subordinate, not Charlie’s… Well…”

“Oh…” Jemima breathed a sigh of relief: “So that’s what you meant…”

After speaking, she said with a weird expression:

“The two sisters fall in love with the same man. It’s a little embarrassing…”